Fossil New Zealand lizards discovered

This video is about the New Zealand forest gecko – Hoplodactylus granulatus.

From Biology Letters:

Miocene skinks and geckos reveal long-term conservatism of New Zealand’s lizard fauna


The New Zealand (NZ) lizard fossil record is currently limited to late Quaternary remains of modern taxa. The St Bathans Fauna (early Miocene, southern South Island) extends this record to 19–16 million years ago (Myr ago). Skull and postcranial elements are similar to extant Oligosoma (Lygosominae) skinks and Hoplodactylus (Diplodactylinae) geckos.

There is no evidence of other squamate groups.

These fossils, along with coeval sphenodontines, demonstrate a long conservative history for the NZ lepidosaurian fauna, provide new molecular clock calibrations and contradict inferences of a very recent (less than 8 Myr ago) arrival of skinks in NZ.

Reptile survey in Vietnam national park: here.

New Zealand was a friend to Middle Earth, but it’s no friend of the earth: here.

Shingleback skinks in Australia: here.

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