Feeding mandarin ducks

Mandarin drake, photo by Jelger Herder

Lots of snow last night, and also today sometimes.

During a sunny spell, to the old harbour.

The tufted ducks and female common pochard are still there.

The two mute swans have returned.

The male and female mandarin duck are under overhanging branches on the other bank of the canal.

When they see that my bread attracts the swans, coots, and mallards, they come as well, swimming and walking across an ice floe, and join in eating.

A redwing on the other bank.

Winter weather sees influx of bittern sightings in UK: here.

First ever sighting of a Bittern at Oxfordshire reserve: here.

The loss of wetlands in the prairie pothole region of central North America due to a warmer and drier climate will negatively affect millions of waterfowl that depend on the region for food, shelter and raising young, according to research published today in the journal BioScience: here.

This video from the USA says about itself:

At National Wildlife Federation headquarters in Reston, VA in the winter, I rarely spot anything more than a sparrow. But some fresh snow fell over the weekend, revealing visitors who don’t work 9 to 5.

Birdfeeders leading to evolution: here.

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