Bramblings and redwings

This morning, a walk along the Peerlkamplaan.

Two redwings eating berries in a shrub near a window.

This video is about great spotted woodpeckers and bramblings.

A bit further, eleven male and female bramblings in a tree. See also here. And here.

Nuthatch and greenfinch sounds. Three blue tits on a tree. Great tit.

Along the old canal, a grey heron and two wrens.

In the old harbour, the female common pochard, the tufted ducks, and one mute swan are still there. We see the female mandarin duck. Is the male hiding under overhanging branches somewhere?

From the USA: The Wood Duck Aix sponsa is a survivor. Hunted nearly to extinction during early 20th century, careful management procedures and nest box placements have succeeded in raising the population to well over a million: here.

3 thoughts on “Bramblings and redwings

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