Red-breasted mergansers and grey seals

This is an April 2015 video on birds of the Prunjepolder on Schouwen island in the Netherlands.

Today, to Goeree and Schouwen islands.

First, to the inner port of Stellendam. Two little grebes diving. Scores of tufted ducks. Three coots. A grey heron. Mallards. A great cormorant.

In the outer port, gadwall ducks and great crested grebes.

On the beach of Kwade Hoek nature reserve avocets and oystercatchers.

Grey plovers. Dunlin. Redshanks. Grey lag geese.

A great black-backed gull.

This is a video of goldeneyes, made at Hellegatsplaten in the Netherlands.

A male common goldeneye, swimming and flying.

Kwade Hoek snow buntings in winter: here.

Then, to the meadows of Goeree. A kestrel hovering.

Many geese grazing. The most numerous species today are barnacle geese. In between one grazing flock, a curlew. Is it here because it may benefit from the geese disturbing worms under the grass by grazing?

On the meadows are also flocks of grey lag geese and white-fronted geese. And of thrush species: fieldfares, with a few redwings in between the fieldfares.

More fieldfares: here.

Then, the Brouwersdam, connecting Goeree to Schouwen island in Zealand province.

Red-breasted mergansers, both males and females swimming and diving.

A lone female eider.

This is a purple sandpiper video, recorded at the Brouwersdam.

Purple sandpiper photo: here.

Turnstones. A purple sandpiper on rocks, which it prefers to sand.

Seven brent geese.

A group of two male and three female goldeneyes swimming and diving together.

We arrive at Brouwersluis. Here, the fresh water of Grevelingen lake comes into the sea. The strong currents take along many freshwater fish. This attracts grey seals, which are here today and also often on other days. Sometimes, common seals are here as well.

This is a grey seal video, recorded at the Brouwersdam.

Grevelingen seals: here.

Finally, back to Goeree. At Koudenhoek nature reserve, many wigeon and shelducks.

Over a million geese in the Netherlands now: here.

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