Linnet and geese on Goeree island

This is September 2016 video on cycling on Goeree island.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009.

To Goeree-Overflakkee island.

On Voorne island, a goat drives away a grey heron. From a reed-bed, reed warbler sound.

Crossing the bridge to Goeree, common terns.

Then, the hide at Kwade Hoek nature reserve.

At the ferry in Maassluis, black-headed gull and common tern.

A marsh harrier flying. A kestrel sitting on a pole.

Linnet male

Many grey lag geese; three Canada geese; two barnacle geese.

A male linnet sitting on a leafless branch.

On the beach of Ouddorp: herring gulls, black -headed gulls, oystercatchers.

It is low tide now, which means many shallow pools on the sandy beach. Common terns skydive in those pools. Which means they must be good at putting on the brakes, or they might hit the bottom in those shallow pools. At least twice, a tern flies away with a small fish.

A swift. Probably one of the last of this summer.

East of Ouddorp, in the dunes, a rabbit and a male pheasant.

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