Spoonbill Cynthia killed by power line

This is a video of a Eurasian spoonbill in the Netherlands.

Translated from Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands:

Spoonbill Cynthia killed by power line

January 22, 2010 11:11

On instructions from the Netherlands, on January 19 spoonbill Cynthia was found dead under a power line in the southern Spanish nature reserve Isla Cristina (Huelva).

Died several days ago

The finder (Jesús Chaves) reported that the animal was not underfed and had died at most a few days ago. He has removed the transmitter and will send it back to the Netherlands. It is hoped that the researchers then will be able to use the transmitter again.


Spoonbill Cynthia, provided with a transmitter, was named after a worker of Dutch conservation organization Natuurmonumenten: Cynthia Borras. She had helped to put the transmitters on the spoonbills. …

High voltage lines

Of all registered non-natural causes of death, death by hunting tops the list, and collisions with power lines are number two.

Spoonbills in Gelderse Poort: here.

March 2011: The electrocution of Alaska’s second oldest bald eagle highlights the threat large birds face from power lines, says American Bird Conservancy, the US’s leading bird conservation organisation: here.

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