Scottish Auschwitz survivor dies

This video from the BBC is called Auschwitz – Surprising Beginnings.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Auschwitz survivor dies in Scotland

Monday 24 August 2009

One of Scotland’s most prominent Jewish leaders, who survived seven nazi concentration camps, has died at the age of 84.

At the age of 19, Reverend Ernest Levy was taken from his home in Budapest to the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was later transferred to Belsen.

After the war, he moved from Hungary to Scotland in 1961 and was cantor of the Giffnock and Newlands synagogue.

He wrote two books and gave educational talks on his experiences, saying it was important for young people to recognise the level of cruelty inflicted upon the Jewish community and others who incurred the wrath of the nazis.

SNP West of Scotland MSP Stewart Maxwell said: “Ernest Levy was a remarkable and inspiring man held in great affection by all who knew him.

“He will be remembered for his educational work but also as a man of great faith and decency.

“Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and many friends at this sad time.”

Holocaust survivors have commemorated the 65th anniversary of the last deportations from the Lodz ghetto to nazi death camps.

Hanna Lévy-Hass kept a journal while she was imprisoned at the Nazi interment camp Bergen-Belsen. Her writings have been collected in Diary of Bergen-Belsen, which provides a never-read-before view from a Jewish resistance fighter. Chronicling the last year inside the notorious concentration camp, Lévy-Hass tells her Holocaust survivor’s story with clarity and attention to political and social divisions inside Bergen Belsen: here.

Hundreds of people who were moved as children from their homes in war time Britain have gathered to mark the 70th anniversary of the evacuation: here.

The Channel islands under nazi occupation: here.

14 thoughts on “Scottish Auschwitz survivor dies

  1. Briton attacked by German nazis

    Germany: A black Briton was hospitalised in Hamburg at the weekend after being assaulted by three neonazis.

    Police have reported that the 46-year-old man was with his wife and four-year-old son on Saturday when the National Democratic Party members handed him a fascist flyer.

    When he ripped it up, they reportedly pushed him, punched him and sprayed pepper spray in his eyes.


  2. UK and US knew about Hitler’s plans to exterminate Jews, says Vatican

    August 17, 2009

    London, Aug.17 (ANI): The Vatican’s official newspaper has accused Britain and the United States of having detailed knowledge of Hitler’s plans to exterminate Jews, but failed to stop it.

    The L’Osservatore Romano claims in a report that authorities in Washington and London ignored, downplayed or even suppressed intelligence reports about the Nazis’ extermination plans.

    According to the daily, both governments could have bombed Nazi concentration camps and the railway stations that supplied them but instead chose not to.

    It quoted from the diary of Henry Morgenthau Jr., the wartime US secretary of the treasury, who described London’s alleged indifference to the plight of the Jews as “a Satanic combination of British chill and diplomatic double talk, cold and correct and adding up to a sentence of death”.

    According to The Telegraph, British and American inaction was in contrast to the efforts made by the wartime Pope, Pius XII, who tried to save as many Jews as he could through clandestine means.

    The editorial is the Vatican’s latest effort to rehabilitate the reputation of Pope Pius, whose reluctance to denounce the Nazis publicly prompted accusations of anti-Semitism and earned him the title “Hitler’s Pope”.

    L’Osservatore dismissed such claims as a “radically false” characterisation of the pontiff’s wartime record.

    It quoted Morgenthau as saying that as early as Aug 1942, the US government “knew that the Nazis were planning to exterminate all the Jews of Europe”.

    In his diary, Morgenthau cited a telegram dated Aug 24, 1942, and passed on to the US State Department, that relayed a report of Hitler’s plan to kill between 3.5 million and four million Jews, possibly using cyanide poison.

    L’Osservatore, which is regarded as the semi-official mouthpiece of the Holy See, reproduced a copy of the telegram.(ANI)


  3. Sweden to aid in Auschwitz probe

    Poland: Warsaw will formally seek Sweden’s help in investigating the theft of the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the Auschwitz memorial.

    Spokeswoman for Krakow prosecutors Boguslawa Marcinkowska said that her office had sent a request for help on Wednesday to the Swedish Justice Ministry.

    Polish media have been reporting that the theft earlier this month was commissioned by a collector living in Sweden, but investigators have not confirmed that.


  4. BBC ignores reality of Jersey’s occupation

    Monday 30 April 2012

    The BBC covered preparations for the annual Liberation Day commemorations in the Channel Islands last weekend, but once again the Jersey Establishment and the BBC failed to acknowledge the crimes committed on Jersey during the war.

    The slave labour camps, the sending of the Islands’ Jews to concentration camps or the heroic if small resistance movement (Jersey Democratic Movement) led by Norman Le Brocq.

    We should never forget that Jersey was the only region of Europe to have the same government before, during and after the war, such was the level of collaboration at the highest levels of the Establishment and the islands only newspaper.

    An Establishment and newspaper that has never apologised for their role during the war or their systematic vilification of those who like Le Brocq made a stand against the fascist invader.

    We must remind people what happened in the Channel Islands – how capitulation was common place and only a few brave men and women stood up for liberty. They were to be found in the ranks of the labour movement.

    Michael Walker
    London SE22


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