Malawi’s children poisoned for tobacco profits

This video is called Children of Tobacco – Malawi’s shocking plantation exploitation.

Almost 100,000 children who toil on Malawian tobacco estates for up to 12 hours a day are exposed to “extremely high levels of nicotine poisoning,” according to a report released by a children’s rights group: here.

See also this video on healthcare in Malawi.

Smoking Gun: Just One Cigarette Has Harmful Effect On Arteries Of Young Healthy Adults: here.

Tobacco use kills at least five million people every year, a figure that could rise if countries don’t take stronger measures to combat smoking, the World Health Organisation has warned: here.

Editor of the journal PLoS Medicine explains why they won’t publish tobacco-funded studies: here.

Britain: Passive smoking causes at least 22,000 new cases of asthma and wheezing in children every year, doctors have warned: here.

Smoking Is Dumb: Young Men Who Smoke Have Lower IQs, Study Finds: here.

Britain: Young people are more likely to smoke if they see cigarettes on sale in shops, health campaigners have warned amid government plans to overturn a ban on displaying tobacco: here.

10 thoughts on “Malawi’s children poisoned for tobacco profits

  1. Biggest ever costs for tobacco giant

    United States: Philip Morris has been ordered to pay $300 million (£182 million) in damages to a former smoker in Florida – the largest award to date among thousands of lawsuits filed in the state against tobacco companies.

    A Broward Circuit Court jury found for Cindy Naugle ruling that the tobacco company’s negligence was the cause of her emphysema.

    The case is one of 8,000 lawsuits filed against tobacco companies by Florida smokers and their families.


  2. FBU backs call for cigarette safety

    Fire safety: The Fire Brigades Union has thrown its weight behind Labour MP Andrew Dismore’s early day motion which calls on the government to legislate for fire safety in cigarette design.

    Assistant general secretary Andy Dark noted that cigarette fires are the biggest cause of fire-related deaths in the home.

    “In 2005, the most recent year for which statistics are available, 82 deaths, 1,064 injuries and 3,000 fires per year in accidental home fires were caused by smoking materials, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government,” he said.


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