7 thoughts on “Depleted uranium still killing Iraqis

  1. U.S. Military Documented Dangers of Depleted Uranium

    The May 2010 edition of Green Politics reported on birth defects and cancers in Iraq traced to depleted uranium used in U.S. and British weapons. Now comes word that at least some leaders in the U.S. Military sought to investigate the possible harmful effects of depleted uranium exposure for U.S. soldiers engaged in the first Gulf War.

    Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), a U.S. veterans rights organization, has uncovered a 1993 Department of Defense memorandum calling for “Complete medical testing of all personnel exposed to DU in the Persian Gulf War.” VCS says the Veterans Administration (VA) never conducted the medical tests. Mike Ludwig has written about VCS’s case against the VA for TruthOut, and you can read his report here.

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