Tobacco child labour in Malawi

This video says about itself:

16 February 2010 — As the tobacco industry continues to shift its production to developing countries, more vulnerable children are being exposed to hazardous working conditions. It is estimated that over 78,000 children work on tobacco estates across Malawi some up to 12 hours a day, many for less than 1 pence (1.7US cents) an hour and without protective clothing.

A recent Channel 4 Television programme, “Unreported World”, highlighted the ongoing use of child labour in tobacco harvesting in Malawi: here.

Paleontologists in Peru have discovered fossilized tobacco in the northern Amazon that dates back to the Pleistocene Era 2.5 million years ago, the scientists said Friday: here.

Malawi humanist group fights for release of ‘witches’: here.

Madonna and Malawi: here.

HUMAN Rights Watch alleged today that children as young as seven are working long hours in US fields harvesting pesticide-laced tobacco under dangerous conditions: here.

Hundreds of thousands of children, some as young as seven years old, work on American farms. Among the most exploited are those who harvest tobacco, risking nicotine poisoning and other dangers, according to a report published Wednesday by Human Rights Watch: here.

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13 thoughts on “Tobacco child labour in Malawi

  1. Forced child labour blights cocoa farms

    Ivory Coast: West Africa’s cocoa industry continues to use forced child labour despite nearly a decade of efforts to eliminate it, a US report by child exploitation monitors revealed yesterday.

    Academics at Tulane University said that hundreds of thousands of children are still involved in work on cocoa farms and are trafficked to Ivory Coast and Ghana.


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