Cheney’s hunting and other disasters

This 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Dick Cheney Shot A Texas Lawyer 10 Years Ago. Still No Apology

Dick Cheney never apologized for shooting his pal after the 2006 hunting accident.

From BuzzFlash in the USA:

Lawyer Shot by Cheney While Hunting Still Has Shotgun Pellets in Jaw and Gums

Submitted by BuzzFlash on Sun, 07/19/2009 – 12:51pm.


Dick Cheney is the disaster that keeps on giving.

From a failure to heed warnings about a possible 9/11, to a disastrous war in Iraq, to torture, to breaking the law, to PlameGate…oh so much evil; even shooting a friend in the face who covered for Dick, after Cheney left him bleeding and Dick had a stiff drink.

Well, of all places to discover the current state of the shot attorney, Harry Whittington, it was quite a surprise to see an update in Walter Scott’s Republican leaning “Personality Parade” in the Sunday newspaper supplement, “Parade”:

“Q Did Harry Whittington, the lawyer whom former Vice President Cheney accidentally shot while hunting quail in Texas, recover fully from his wounds?—J.D. Stewart, San Diego, Calif.

A “It took a while, and I still have a lot of metal in me—30 or so pellets, some in my jaw and gums,” Whittington tells us. “But that was three years ago in February, and these days I’m at the gym by 6 a.m. and at my office by 8:30. At 82, I’m still a lawyer and still giving thanks for every day of my life.””

It appears that so many have taken a bullet for Dick, including his daughter Liz (who knows far more about Cheney’s actions than she lets on.)

But Harry Whittington, he took a direct hit from Cheney and still has metal in his body to prove it.

Now, that’s truly a guy who knows how to literally take a bullet for the Dick.

Memoirs to reveal Dick Cheney thought Bush had gone soft on war on terror: here.

Reversing the decline of Texas quails: here.

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