Cheney: Hugo Chavez is the President of Peru

This video from the USA is called Lewis Black-Hunting With Dick Cheney (stand-up comedy).

From Think Progress in the USA:

This morning in a speech in Dallas, a reporter asked Vice President Cheney about his views on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Cheney responded that the people of Peru “deserve better” leadership …

For the record, Peru’s current president is Alan García. (At least Cheney didn’t call Africa a “nation.”)

Reaction by Chavez: here.

Venezuela, Argentina, and the USA: here.

Cheney in 2002: We’ll be out of Iraq in 1 to 2 months: here.

6 thoughts on “Cheney: Hugo Chavez is the President of Peru

  1. Kucinich Will Impeach Cheney

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced H.Res. 333 in April to impeach Vice President Cheney for his pre-war lies about Iraq and for threatening an invasion of Iran. And thanks to your heroic grassroots efforts, there are 21 co-sponsors.

    Speaker Pelosi blocked Judiciary Committee hearings on the bill, but Rep. Kucinich will force a floor vote on Tuesday using his right of personal privilege.

    Kucinich’s courageous act will put members of the House on record. Are they going to fulfill their oath of office to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”? Or will they support a Vice President whose lies about Iraq cost the lives of nearly 4,000 Americans and possibly $2.4 trillion in our tax dollars – and whose lies about Iran threaten to start World War III?

    Call your Representative (not Senators) and tell them to support Kucinich’s resolution to impeach Dick Cheney, H.Res. 333:
    800-828-0498, 800-862-5530, 800-833-6354

    More actions to support Kucinich’s impeachment resolution:

    Kucinich explains this week’s vote:

    Brave New Films Video about Cheney’s impeachable offenses:


  2. Posted by: “Charles Jenks” chaspeace
    Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:13 pm (PST)
    Watch all videos at

    Confronting US Empire and the Struggle for Self-Determination
    Videos of the Plenary – Midwest Socialist Conference – Nov. 3,

    Martín Sanchez, Venezuelan Consul for Chicago; Camilo Mejia, Chair of
    Iraq Veterans
    Against the War, and Sherry Wolf, Editorial Board member of the
    International Socialist
    Review addressed the plenary session of the Midwest Socialist
    Conference on November 3rd.

    Sanchez focused on recent developments in his talk on “The Struggle
    for Self-
    Determination in Venezuela.” (28:37 minutes)

    Mejia gave his personal reflections on confronting US empire. (8:51

    Wolf asked activists to join the long term struggle. There are no
    quick solutions, she said.
    Making a commitment to the long term struggle is “the only way we are
    going to win.”
    (26:51 minutes)

    The Midwest Socialist Conference was hosted at the University of
    Illinois of Chicago from
    November 3-4, 2007. It was one of the regional socialist conferences
    taking place that
    weekend across the country.

    These videos are available for embedding in other websites. The
    embedding code is
    available at the Google links above.


  3. Posted by: “Compañero” chocoano05
    Sat Dec 1, 2007 7:27 pm (PST)

    Wed Nov 28, 2007 at 03:04:05 PM PST
    A CIA plan to destabilize Venezuela is in progress now

    A memo from CIA officer Michael Middleton Steere, addressed to CIA
    Director General Michael Hayden in Washington DC, has been
    intercepted by Venezuelan counter-intelligence; and it shows that
    the US plans to attempt another coup d’etat against the
    democratically elected government of Venezuela on the eve of a
    historic constitutional referendum that will democratize political
    power to the grassroots of the majority more thoroughly than
    anything we have seen in this hemisphere… ever. This outcome by a
    major oil producing nation that has confronted the US government is
    intolerable to the American political class, not merely the Bush
    administration. It is part of a continental drift of Latin America
    away from US domination; and it has world historic significance.

    It is very important that this CIA plot get maximum exposure
    immediately across the net, because the US media, the Republican and
    Democratic Parties, and the US dominant class, will do everything in
    their power to assist the desired outcome of this illegal and
    immoral interference by the United States government in the
    democratic self-determination of Venezuela.

    Widespread, rapid distribution via alternative media has the
    potential to expose and disrupt this CIA plot. You can do something
    right now. Get the word out.

    Read more here, and stay abreast of developments. A Google News
    search of “Michael Middleton Steere” will help keep you updated.

    Be part of a real politics of resistance. Help expose this
    international malfeasance now. Be an ally to the Venezuelan people,
    whose government was democratically elected (unlike our own).


  4. Posted by: “Compañero” chocoano05
    Tue Dec 4, 2007 8:02 pm (PST)
    CIA Operation “Pliers” Uncovered in Venezuela
    November 28th 2007, by Eva Golinger


    Last night CNN en Espa€ ¦ñol aired the above image, which captions at
    the bottom “Who Killed him?” by “accident”. The image of President
    Chavez with the caption about killing him below, which some could say
    subliminally incites to assassination, was a “production error”
    mistakenly made in the CNN en Espa€ ¦ñol newsroom. The news anchor had
    been narrarating a story about the situation between Colombia and
    Venezuela and then switched to a story about an unsolved homicide
    but – oops – someone forgot to change the screen image and President
    Chavez was left with the killing statement below. Today they
    apologized and admitted it was a rather “unfortunate”
    and “regrettable” mistake. Yes, it was.

    On a scarier note, an internal CIA memorandum has been obtained by
    Venezuelan counterintelligence from the US Embassy in Caracas that
    reveals a very sinister – almost fantastical, were it not true – plan
    to destabilize Venezuela during the coming days. The plan,
    titled “OPERATION PLIERS” was authored by CIA Officer Michael
    Middleton Steere and was addressed to CIA Director General Michael
    Hayden in Washington. Steere is stationed at the US Embassy in
    Caracas under the guise of a Regional Affairs Officer. The internal
    memorandum, dated November 20, 2007, references the “Advances of the
    Final Stage of Operation Pliers”, and confirms that the operation is
    coordinated by the team of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in Venezuela.
    The memo summarizes the different scenarios that the CIA has been
    working on in Venezuela for the upcoming referendum vote on December
    2nd. The Electoral Scenario, as it’s phrased, confirms that the
    voting tendencies will not change substantially before Sunday,
    December 2nd, and that the SI (YES) vote in favor of the
    constitutional reform has an advantage of about 10-13 points over the
    NO vote. The CIA estimates abstention around 60% and states in the
    memo that this voting tendency is irreversible before the elections.

    Officer Steere emphasizes the importance and success of the public
    relations and propaganda campaign that the CIA has been funding with
    more than $8 million during the past month – funds that the CIA
    confirms are transfered through the USAID contracted company,
    Development Alternatives, Inc., which set up operations in June 2002
    to run the USAID Office for Transition Initiatives that funds and
    advises opposition NGOs and political parties in Venezuela. The CIA
    memo specifically refers to these propaganda initiatives
    as “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), that include contracting
    polling companies to create fraudulent polls that show the NO vote
    with an advantage over the SI vote, which is false. The CIA also
    confirms in the memo that it is working with international press
    agencies to distort the data and information about the referendum,
    and that it coordinates in Venezuela with a team of journalists and
    media organized and directed by the President of Globovision, Alberto
    Federico Ravell.

    CIA Officer Michael Steere recommends to General Michael Hayden two
    different strategies to work simultaneously: Impede the referendum
    and refuse to recognize the results once the SI vote wins. Though
    these strategies appear contradictory, Steere claims that they must
    be implemented together precisely to encourage activities that aim
    toward impeding the referendum and at the same time prepare the
    conditions for a rejection of the results.

    How is this to be done?

    In the memo, the CIA proposes the following tactics and actions:

    * Take the streets and protest with violent, disruptive actions
    across the nation
    * Generate a climate of ungovernability
    * Provoke a general uprising in a substantial part of the population
    * Engage in a “plan to implode” the voting centers on election day by
    encouraging opposition voters to “VOTE and REMAIN” in their centers
    to agitate others
    * Start to release data during the early hours of the afternoon on
    Sunday that favor the NO vote (in clear violation of election
    * Coordinate these activities with Ravell & Globovision and
    international press agencies
    * Coordinate with ex-militar officers and coupsters Pena Esclusa and
    Guyon Cellis – this will be done by the Military Attache for Defense
    and Army at the US Embassy in Caracas, Office of Defense, Attack and
    Operations (DAO)

    To encourage rejection of the results, the CIA proposes:

    * Creating an acceptance in the public opinion that the NO vote will
    win for sure
    * Using polling companies contracted by the CIA
    * Criticize and discredit the National Elections Council
    * Generate a sensation of fraud
    * Use a team of experts from the universities that will talk about
    how the data from the Electoral Registry has been manipulated and
    will build distrust in the voting system

    The CIA memo also talks about:

    * Isolating Chavez in the international community
    * Trying to achieve unity amongst the opposition
    * Seek an aliance between those abstentionists and those who will
    vote “NO”
    * Sustain firmly the propaganda against Chavez
    * Execute military actions to support the opposition mobilizations
    and propagandistic occupations
    * Finalize the operative preparations on the US military bases in
    Curacao and Colombia to provide support to actions in Venezuela
    * Control a part of the country during the next 72-120 hours
    * Encourage a military rebellion inside the National Guard forces and
    other components

    Those involved in these actions as detailed in the CIA memo are:

    * The CIA Office in Venezuela – Office of Regional Affairs, and
    Officer Michael Steere
    * US Embassy in Venezuela, Ambassador Patrick Duddy
    * Office of Defense, Attack and Operations (DAO) at the US Embassy in
    Caracas and Military Attache Richard Nazario

    Venezuelan Political Parties:

    * Comando Nacional de la Resistencia
    * Accion Democratica
    * Primero Justicia
    * Bandera Roja


    * Alberto Federico Ravell & Globovision
    * Interamerican Press Society (IAPA) or SIP in Spanish
    * International Press Agencies


    * Pena Esclusa
    * Guyon Cellis
    * Dean of the Simon Bolivar University, Rudolph Benjamin Podolski
    * Dean of the Andres Bello Catholic University, Ugalde
    * Students: Yon Goicochea, Juan Mejias, Ronel Gaglio, Gabriel Gallo,
    Ricardo Sanchez

    Operation Tenaza has the objective of encouraging an armed
    insurrection in Venezuela against the government of President Chavez
    that will justify an intervention of US forces, stationed on the
    military bases nearby in Curacao and Colombia. The Operation mentions
    two countries in code: as Blue and Green. These refer to Curacao and
    Colombia, where the US has operative, active and equipped bases that
    have been reinforced over the past year and a half in anticipation of
    a conflict with Venezuela.

    The document confirms that psychological operations are the CIA’s
    best and most effective weapon to date against Venezuela, and it will
    continue its efforts to influence international public opinion
    regarding President Chavez and the situation in the country.

    Operation Tenaza is a very alarming plan that aims to destabilize
    Venezuela and overthrow (again) its legitimate and democratic (and
    very popularly support) president. The plan will fail, primarily
    because it has been discovered, but it must be denounced around the
    world as an unacceptable violation of Venezuela’s sovereignty.

    The original document in English will be available in the public
    sphere soon for viewing and authenticating purposes. And it also
    contains more information than has been revealed here.

    For the full text in Spanish, see: Operaci€ ¦ón Tenaza: Informe
    confidencial de la CIA devela plan de saboteo al refer€ ¦éndum del 2 de


  5. Peru: Hugo Blanco — My arrest

    By Hugo Blanco

    Cuzco, Peru, October, 3 2008 — First, I would like to express my
    profound gratitude to all of the people and institutions who, upon
    hearing of my arrest, demanded my liberation.* Every one of those was
    important. But among those that touched me most, I should mention the
    pronouncement made by my Canadian brothers and sisters with whose
    support I am able to continue publishing Lucha Indígena the call from
    the Conacami (The Peruvian National Confederation of Communities
    Affected by Mines) with whom I share the anxious desire for a political
    project that emanates from the indigenous, campesino and grassroots
    organisations; and the support of Wilbert Rozas, the mayor who
    instituted the indigenous communities’ municipal government and went
    immediately to Paruro after learning of my arrest. Thanks to this
    solidarity, I was quickly–though temporarily–released.

    * Read more


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