USA, Dick Cheney shooting fellow hunter, video

Cheney and Bush cartoonThere is a funny video on the Internet on Bush’s Vice President, Dick Cheney, shooting a fellow hunter; and the Iraq war, etc.

The 23 May 2008 video says about itself:

Grade 10 satirical video project that mocks the famous Dick Cheney Shooting incident….Dick Cheney Incident Shooting Hunting Friend Quail. By Allan and Paul.

See also here.

And here.

This February 2016 video is called Dick Cheney Shot A Texas Lawyer 10 Years Ago; Still No Apology.

Dick Cheney’s wife Lynn: here.

King of Spain in Russian bear canned hunt: here.

6 thoughts on “USA, Dick Cheney shooting fellow hunter, video

  1. *Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer*

    Capitol Hill Blue
    Feb 22, 2006

    Secret Service agents guarding Vice President Dick Cheney when he
    shot Texas lawyer Harry Whittington on a hunting outing two weeks ago
    say Cheney was “clearly inebriated” at the time of the shooting.

    Agents observed several members of the hunting party, including the Vice
    President, consuming alcohol before and during the hunting expedition,
    the report notes, and Cheney exhibited “visible signs” of impairment,
    including slurred speech and erratic actions.

    According to those who have talked with the agents and others present at
    the outing, Cheney was drunk when he gunned down his friend and the
    day-and-a-half delay in allowing Texas law enforcement officials on the
    ranch where the shooting occurred gave all members of the hunting party
    time to sober up.

    We talked with a number of administration officials who are privy to
    inside information on the Vice President’s shooting “accident” and all
    admit Secret Service agents and others say they saw Cheney consume far
    more than the “one beer’ he claimed he drank at lunch earlier that day.

    “This was a South Texas hunt,” says one White House aide. “Of course
    there was drinking. There’s always drinking. Lots of it.”

    One agent at the scene has been placed on administrative leave and
    another requested reassignment this week. A memo reportedly written by
    one agent has been destroyed, sources said Wednesday afternoon.

    Cheney has a long history of alcohol abuse, including two convictions of
    driving under the influence when he was younger. Doctors tell me that
    someone like Cheney, who is taking blood thinners because of his history
    of heart attacks, could get legally drunk now after consuming just one

    If Cheney was legally drunk at the time of the shooting, he could be
    guilty of a felony under Texas law and the shooting, ruled an accident
    by a compliant Kenedy County Sheriff, would be a prosecutable offense.

    But we will never know for sure because the owners of the Armstrong
    Ranch, where the shooting occurred, barred the sheriff’s department from
    the property on the day of the shooting and Kenedy County Sheriff Ramon
    Salinas III agreed to wait until the next day to send deputies in to
    talk to those involved.

    Sheriff’s Captain Charles Kirk says he went to the Armstrong Ranch
    immediately after the shooting was reported on Saturday, February 11 but
    both he and a game warden were not allowed on the 50,000-acre property.
    He called Salinas who told him to forget about it and return to the

    “I told him don’t worry about it. I’ll make a call,” Salinas said. The
    sheriff claims he called another deputy who moonlights at the Armstrong
    ranch, said he was told it was “just an accident” and made the decision
    to wait until Sunday to investigate.

    “We’ve known these people for years. They are honest and wouldn’t call
    us, telling us a lie,” Salinas said.

    Like all elected officials in Kenedy County, Salinas owes his job to the
    backing and financial support of Katherine Armstrong, owner of the ranch
    and the county’s largest employer.

    “The Armstrongs rule Kenedy County like a fiefdom,” says a former

    Secret Service officials also took possession of all tests on
    Whittington’s blood at the hospitals where he was treated for his
    wounds. When asked if a blood alcohol test had been performed on
    Whittington, the doctors who treated him at Christus Spohn Hospital
    Memorial in Corpus Christi or the hospital in Kingsville refused to
    answer. One admits privately he was ORDERED by the Secret Service to
    “NEVER DISCUSS the case with the press.”

    It’s a sure bet that is a private doctor who treated the victim of
    Cheney’s reckless and drunken actions can’t talk to the public then any
    evidence that shows the Vice President drunk as a skunk will never see
    the light of day.


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