Hunter kills woman

This video is about a common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) couple.

Talking about pheasants; translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Hunter in Slovakia shoots woman dead instead of pheasant

A hunter in Slovakia accidentally shot a 29-year-old woman instead of a pheasant. The victim had been hired as a driver to frighten the birds with her dog.

The hunter shot her in the back. The victim died in a hospital in the Slovak provincial capital Nitra. A police spokesperson says to the Slovakian news agency TASR that several hunters were present. It is still being investigated who exactly fired the deadly shot.

In Slovakia, more people have died during hunting in recent years. Experts say to local media that hunting has become a hobby of “newly rich people without experience”. …

Also, often people are said to be drunk during large hunting parties, while that is illegal.

Probably a hunter like that other hunter who did not know the difference between a fellow hunter and a lion; like Dick Cheney in the USA does not know the difference between a fellow hunter and a quail. Like another hunter does not know the difference between a hare and a female cyclist.

Dutch woman Nelleke Polderman almost killed by hunter’s bullet: here.

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