Labour should dump Thatcherism-Blairism or perish

This video from Britain is called John McDonnell MP – Labour leadership contender.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Labour Representation Committee chairman John McDonnell MP said: “If Labour MPs and Gordon Brown don’t get the message from these results, we are finished.

“The message is clear that we need a complete change of political direction,” he said.

“New Labour is being eliminated at the ballot box. People are telling us that they want the Labour Party to become a people’s party again. Only then will we regain the voters’ trust.”

Indeed, the Thatcherite economics, the support for wars like in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the corruption scandal tainted politicians, all need to be flushed down the toilet in the Labour party, which should move very sharply Left. Which, of course, does not mean a coup against discredited Brown by supporters of still more discredited Blair.

Steve Bell cartoon, on how the BNP nazis can grow because of New Labour

Labour MP John McDonnell issued a rallying cry to party activists yesterday to support “change candidates” to prevent decimation at the ballot box: here.

Left wing Labour MPs are threatening to stand under their own manifesto at the next election if Prime Minister Gordon Brown fails to adopt their policies: here.

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