European election results

Many European election results are now in.

In Britain, Blairism-Brownism has managed to make the Labour party not just smaller then the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, but also smaller than the rightist Euroskeptics of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

From the BBC:

Labour’s share of the vote at the European elections was just 15.3% – worse than party bosses had feared. …

In two English regions, the South-East and South-West, the Green Party beat Labour into fifth place.

BNP at dinner, cartoon

The far Right British National Party has two seats, including one for Hitler lover Andrew Brons, and for party leader Nick Griffin.

Fortunately, in Belgium, the extreme Right Vlaams Belang lost many votes.

That disenchantment with social democrat “lefts” who act like Thatcherites does not have to strenghten the (extreme) Right, can be seen from the Scottish European parliament results. There, the Scottish National Party (now clearly to the left of Blairite-Brownite “Labour”) won big. While both Conservatives and “new” Labour lost, and the BNP nazis got few votes.

Britain: Statement on the Euro-election results by Councillor Salma Yaqoob, Respect party Leader: here.

Social democratic parties suffer historic defeat in European Union elections: here. And here.

Euro-election Results : the Right’s Victory Is a Sham: here.

Leftists in Irish local elections: here.

BNP leader Griffin: here.

The election result for the neo-fascist Jobbik organization in Hungary demonstrates how extreme right organizations have been able to exploit the economic and political crisis in Eastern Europe: here.

9 thoughts on “European election results

  1. Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party / CWI has been elected to the European
    Parliament as a representative of the Dublin Constituency. Joe Higgins won the
    3rd seat in a three seat constituency finishing with 82,366 votes and defeating
    outgoing Fianna Fail MEP Eoin ryan by over 5000 votes.

    Joe Higgins said that he would serve the needs of ordinary people in the EU, he
    said his appointment was bad news for the corporate Europe and the big business
    culture. He said for working Europe his election was very positive.


  2. Scottish European elections results

    SEATS: 6 TURNOUT: 1,104,512 ELECTORATE: 3,873,163

    Scottish National Party 321,007 29.1
    (+9.4) 2 0
    Labour 229,853 20.8
    (-5.6) 2 0
    Conservative 185,794 16.8
    (-0.9) 1 0
    Liberal Democrats 127,038 11.5
    (-1.6) 1 0
    Green Party 80,442 7.3
    (+0.5) 0 0
    UK Independence Party 57,788 5.2
    (-1.5) 0 0
    British National Party 27,174 2.5
    (+0.8) 0 0
    Socialist Labour Party 22,135 2.0
    (+2.0) 0 0
    Christian Party-Christian Peoples Alliance 16,738 1.5
    (+1.5) 0 0
    Scottish Socialist Party 10,404 0.9
    (-4.3) 0 0
    Independent – Duncan Robertson 10,189 0.9
    (+0.9) 0 0
    No2EU 9,693 0.9
    (+0.9) 0 0
    Jury Team 6,257 0.6
    (+0.6) 0 0


  3. Sweden’s free-Web Pirate Party captures Euro seat

    Mon Jun 8, 2009 4:03am EDT

    By Veronica Ek

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden’s Pirate Party, striking a chord with voters who want more free content on the Internet, won a seat in the European Parliament, early results showed on Sunday.

    The Pirate Party captured 7.1 percent of votes in Sweden in the Europe-wide ballot, enough to give it a single seat. The party wants to deregulate copyright, abolish the patent system and reduce surveillance on the Internet.

    “This is fantastic!” Christian Engstrom, the party’s top candidate, told Reuters. “This shows that there are a lot of people who think that personal integrity is important and that it matters that we deal with the Internet and the new information society in the right way.”

    Previously an obscure group of single-issue activists, the party enjoyed a jump in popularity after the conviction in April of four men behind The Pirate Bay, one of the world’s biggest free file-sharing website.

    The case cast a spotlight on the issue of internet file-sharing, a technique used to download movies, music and other content. The defendants have called for a retrial.

    Despite the similar names, the party and the website are not linked. The party was founded in 2006 and contested a Swedish general election that year, but received less than one percent of the vote.

    Engstrom credited the party’s appeal to young voters for its success. “We are very strong among those under 30. They are the ones who understand the new world the best. And they have now signaled they don’t like how the big parties deal with these issues.”

    The Pirate Party will take up one of Sweden’s 18 seats in the 785-seat parliament. “We will use all of our strength to defend personal integrity and our civil rights,” Engstrom said.

    (Reporting by Veronica Ek, writing by Adam Cox)

    Pirate party in Germany: here.


  4. Far-right party gains ‘alarming’

    BELGIUM: Jewish organisations across Europe have said they were “alarmed” by gains made by far-right parties in the EU elections.

    The Paris-based European Jewish Congress said that electoral gains made by fascists in the European Parliament based on “racist, anti-semitic and xenophobic platforms” showed an erosion of tolerance and described the outcome of voting a “clarion call” for the EU to tackle intolerance and racism.


  5. European election: `An alarm is ringing’ — time `to build the
    broadest possible left unity’

    Statement by Socialist Resistance (Britain)
    … The dog which hardly barked in Britain was the radical left, which
    paid the price for years of division…. The radical left have to see
    these elections as a massive wake-up call for reorganisation and unity
    in advance of the general election. It’s clear enough what the agenda of
    a Tory government will be if it gets a clear mandate… The task now,
    therefore, is to build the broadest possible unity for the general
    election. This will not be easy after the events of recent years but it
    is an imperative of the first order.

    * Read more


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