Indigenous Peruvian protests continue after bloodbath

This video from the USA says about itself:

Celebrities Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Qorianka Kilcher , Jesse Garcia, Alex Meraz and Clifton Collins pull together in an effort to call attention to Peru‘s Indigenous peoples plight and struggle for survival , health and basic human rights In the wake of the FTA and the Peruvian governments attempts to allow multinational oil, gas, logging and mining corporations to take over their land, without previous consultation or consent of the local inhabitants.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Protesters take Peru airfield

Monday 08 June 2009

Indigenous Peruvians have seized a remote airfield and maintained a roadblock in their bloody dispute with the government over Amazon oil drilling.

In a speech in Lima, [President Alan] Garcia accused indigenous protesters opposed to oil, gas and other development on their native lands of impeding progress, either through “elemental ignorance” or manipulation by unspecified outside interests.

But protesters said the police attack on Friday was unprovoked and they could not be expected to stand by as officers mowed them down with gunfire.

Heavily armed police killed at least 30 Indians, according to protest leaders, after moving Friday to open a road blocked since April 9.

Protest leader Alberto Pizango went into hiding after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest on sedition charges on Saturday.

His deputy Champion Nonimgo called on Sunday for the Organisation of American States and other international bodies to investigate the violence.

Meanwhile, about 30 members of the Achuar ethnic group – including women and children – occupied the runway of the small Trompetero airport on Sunday in the neighbouring jungle state of Loreto.

The airport is used by Pluspetrol, an Argentinian oil company, according to a company official who spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorised to talk to the media.

Another group of indigenous protesters continued to block a main road between the nearby cities of Tarapoto and Yurimaguas, authorities said.

Indians have been blocking roads, waterways and occupying oil facilities on and off since early April, demanding that Peru’s government repeal laws they say help foreign companies exploit their lands.

The laws, decreed by Garcia as he implemented a Peru-US free trade pact, open communal jungle lands and water resources to oil drilling, logging, mining and large-scale farming.

Indian leaders and environmental groups say the decrees violate Peru’s constitution and break international law because Garcia’s administration has failed to get indigenous peoples’ consent for the projects.

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