Ugandan soldiers kill Somali civilians

This video is called 38 Spanish soldiers arrive in Uganda to train Somali soldiers.

Forget about the Global War on Terror Bushist war propaganda for the neo-colonial US Africom plan etc. in this 2012 video; the video shows how the “peace” the Ugandan army is supposed to keep in Somalia is the “pax Americana” of George W. Bush and of the grave.

From Associated Press:

Feb 2, 2:34 PM EST

Somali officials say AU force kills 18 civilians

MOGADISHU, Somalia — African Union peacekeepers opened fire Monday on civilian vehicles and fatally shot 18 people after an AU vehicle was hit by a land mine, officials and a witness said.

The peacekeepers fired at three minibus taxis carrying civilians after the land mine damaged an AU vehicle in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, said the city’s deputy mayor, Abdifitah Ibrahim Shawey.

AU peacekeeping force spokesman Bahoku Barigye said the Ugandan contingent of the AU force was responding to gunfire and he does not know whom they hit. …

“There was a huge explosion, which blew up one of the Ugandan military vehicles, lifting it off the road,” said Mohamud Abdisamad, a resident of the Waberi district where the violence happened. “Afterwards, Ugandan soldiers started shooting at people in the three buses wildly.”

Ali Muse, one of the coordinators of Mogadishu’s ambulance service, said the service transported 18 dead and 11 people wounded from the scene of the violence. Muse said the dead and wounded had gunshot wounds.

A senior police officer, Gen. Yusuf Hussein Dumal, accused the AU peacekeepers of intentionally shooting the civilians.

“It is unfortunate for both the Ugandan government and for the Somalis as well. What happened here was a clear massacre against civilians,” Dumal said. “This is not peacekeeping.”

Corruption endemic in Uganda: here.

Somalia: US policy shift towards Islamists after Ethiopian pullout: here.

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo at a news conference on January 8 expressed opposition to the move to establish a new law to send a Self-Defense Force unit to waters off Somalia ostensibly to take part in anti-piracy operations to protect Japanese ships: here.

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