80% of Bush’s Somalian allies have deserted

This video from the USA is called Thousands of Somalis Protest Deadly US Air Strike.

Translated rom Dutch NOS TV:

Mass desertion by Somalian soldiers

In Somalia, over 80% of the army and the police have deserted. United Nations observers say this. The deserters often take their weapons along and sell them to Islamic militias.

The army and the police have less and less faith in the transitional government in Somalia. …

The government’s position is being undermined further because at the end of this month, the neighbouring country Ethiopia is planning to withdraw its peace soldiers.

NOS TV calls the armed forces of Ethiopian military dictator Meles Zenawi, acting as a proxy for George W. Bush in Somalia, ‘peace soldiers’ indeed. Somali women who have been raped by them; survivors of throat slitting, or of firing artillery at civilian areas by them, will use different words.

5 thoughts on “80% of Bush’s Somalian allies have deserted

  1. Dec 14, 6:10 AM EST

    Somalia president says has fired prime minister

    Associated Press Writer

    MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somalia’s president fired the prime minister Sunday, saying he failed to bring security to a nation struggling with a violent insurgency and political turmoil.

    President Abdullahi Yusuf announced the decision in Baidoa, one of the few towns the government still controls now that Islamic militants have taken over most of the country.

    “The government has been paralyzed by corruption, inefficiency and treason,” Yusuf said, adding that he will name a new prime minister in three days.



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