More human misery in Somalia by more attacks by Bush’s allies

This video from the USA is called Somali Peace Rally, Minneapolis 4/07/07.

From British daily The Independent:

Fresh violence and ‘climate of fear’ pushes Somalia towards breaking point

By Steve Bloomfield, Africa Correspondent

Published: 02 November 2007

Aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia after a military offensive unleashed by Ethiopia forced up to 100,000 people to flee Mogadishu in recent days.

Ethiopia has sent up to 15,000 additional troops into its Horn of Africa neighbour as it struggles to pacify an Islamist-led insurgency.

Entire districts have emptied as people have been forced from their homes. Mogadishu’s mayor, Mohammed Dheere, told residents on Sunday that they should leave. Diplomats in Nairobi have warned that the Ethiopian attacks, targeted at certain sub-clans opposed to the government, could be considered ethnic cleansing.

The UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator, Christian Balslev-Olesen, said there were “reports of house-to-house searches and large-scale detentions,” which have “created a climate of fear among the population not witnessed before”.

Probably one of the reasons why the big media don’t mention the catastrophe in Somalia much is because the Ethiopian armed forces invaders are friends of George W. Bush.

7 thoughts on “More human misery in Somalia by more attacks by Bush’s allies

  1. Somalia: Hundreds Flee From Their Homes in Fear of Fresh Fighting

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    29 October 2007
    Posted to the web 29 October 2007


    Hundreds of people mainly women, children and elderly people are fleeing from their homes in Wardhigely and Hodan districts in south of mogadishu fearing flare up of fresh fighting between Isalmist insurgents and government forces along with Ethiopians.

    On Sunday, Hundreds of protesters demanded the departure of government-allied Ethiopian troops burning tires and throwing stones they were also shouting anti Ethiopian slogans in the Somali capital as some of the worst violence in months.

    Bakara trade activities stopped. All business activities in bakara, the biggest market in somalia came to halt after hundreds from government forces had pensioned in and around Bakar market early on Monday firing bullets in very road leading to bakara market.

    Sporadic gunfire could be heard across Bakara market and its surrounding areas. “People are fleeing with their belongings, i could see women carrying their babies on their backs” says Yusuf Gedi Shiekhow, a local resident.

    At least one person has been killd in today’s gun fire in Bakara market, eyewitness confirmed that the man killed was a worker for Hormuud company, a local telecommunication company.

    At least three explosions were heard inside Bakara market, No one can image the extend of the casualties of those explosions.

    Ali Dheere, a chairman of Bakara Businessmen to Shabelle radio that all trade activities in Bakara Market halted after Govt. troops massed there.

    according to Ali Dhere, a chairman of Bakara Businessmen, all the traders were not able in enter Bakara, for the govt . forces firing bullets on everyone they set on eye.

    “we appeal the president in intervene into this matter”, says Ali Dhere.

    There has not been immediate comment on this issue fro the government side.

    Mogadishu has been plagued by violence since government troops and their Ethiopian allies chased out the Council of Islamic Courts in December. For six months, the Islamic group had controlled much of southern Somalia, and remnants have vowed to fight an Iraq-style insurgency.

    Thousands of civilians have been killed in the fighting this year.


  2. Somalia: Protest Against the Presence of Ethiopian Troops in Mogadishu

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    7 November 2007
    Posted to the web 7 November 2007


    A big demonstration against the presence the Ethiopian troops and their butchery actions took place at he Thirtieth Street in Mogadishu.

    Hundreds of people mostly women and children carrying placards bearing anti Ethiopian slogans matched along the thirtieth street in the city.

    The demonstrators started their demonstration at former Arwo Edco and ended at the former milk factory. The demonstrators were chanting anti Ethiopian words and burning tyres.

    Generally the traffic using that street stopped and the demonstration ended in a peaceful atmosphere.

    This demonstration coincides with a time when the regional administration said no more public gathering with out the go head of the regional administration.


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