USA, new cartoon on Jerry Falwell. Mark David Uhl

Recently deceased Rightist US televangelist Jerry Falwell, cartoon by Mikhaela

This new cartoon, by Mikhaela from the USA, is about recently deceased Rightist US televangelist Jerry Falwell.

From Max Blumenthal’s blog in the USA, on a recently arrested terrorist supporter of Fallwell:

Diary of a Christian Terrorist

Visitors to Mark David Uhl’s Myspace page will quickly learn that Uhl is a student at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, that he is a devoted Christian, that his name means “Mighty Warrior” — and that he likes Will Smith’s saccharine tear-up-the-club track, “Switch.”

Uhl reveals his career ambitions on his page as well: “I will join the Army as an officer after college.” Already, Uhl was preparing in Liberty’s ROTC program. …

[Uhl] was arrested soon after and charged with manufacturing explosives.

On the surface, Uhl appears to be the latest version of Virginia Tech rampage killer (and “Richard McBeef” author) Cho Seung-Hui.

Indeed, both Uhl and Cho were alienated young men who conceived or carried out campaigns of mass murder on college campuses.

But there is a crucial difference between Uhl and Cho: while Cho’s motives remain a source of intense debate, Uhl was an a devout evangelical Christian who advocated religious violence in the name of American nationalism. …

Uhl writes: “Christians, fear of death, fear of death. The fear of death shows you don’t believe.”

Uhl concludes, “God needs soldiers to fight so his children may live free. Are you afraid??? I’m not. SEND ME!!! ”

Uhl’s imploration sounds eerily like the battle-cries of another, more notorious religious radical: Osama bin-Laden. …

Christian right leaders from the late Falwell to James Dobson have turned Muslim-bashing into a cottage industry, using the words of bin-Laden and his acolytes to allege that Islam is an inherently violent religion that “breeds” terrorism.

After meeting with President George W. Bush two weeks ago about Iran and Iraq, Dobson conducted a hysterical five-part broadcast hyping the threat of radical Islam. (CD’s of those broadcasts will soon be available on Focus on the Family’s website, with all proceeds going to support Dobson’s kulturkampf — and his paycheck).

The response of Dobson and his allies to Uhl’s arrest will reflect more on themselves than on any impressionable 19-year-old college student.

The Christian right has warped religious doctrine to advance a Utopian political worldview that promises to purify the land of liberal decadence.

Through one of its flagship universities, the Christian right produced a terrorist.

Their hysterical warnings of the threat of radical Islam sound increasingly like projections.

But then again, maybe it’s all Will Smith‘s fault.

In this video, the Teletubbies react to Fallwell’s death.

Fallwell and Islamophobia: here.

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY TO INVESTIGATE JERRY FALWELL JR.’S TENURE AS PRESIDENT Liberty University is opening an independent investigation into Jerry Falwell Jr.’s tenure as president, an inquiry that will include financial, real estate and legal matters, the evangelical school’s board announced Monday. In a statement, the board said it had retained an outside firm to investigate “all facets” of the university’s operations under Falwell, and that it was “committed to learning the consequences that have flowed from a lack of spiritual stewardship by our former president.” Calls for such an investigation had been mounting since Falwell’s departure last week. He had been president since 2007. [AP]

9 thoughts on “USA, new cartoon on Jerry Falwell. Mark David Uhl

  1. Oral Roberts Says Devil Won’t Steal ORU
    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:18 am (PST)
    Oral Roberts Says Devil Won’t Steal ORU

    TULSA, Okla. (AP) – Oral Roberts returned to his namesake
    university Monday and denied the lurid accusations that have
    threatened to engulf the school, telling students and
    employees in a chapel service that “the devil is not going to
    steal ORU.”

    Making his first visit to Oral Roberts University in three years,
    Roberts said at the service that his son Richard Roberts, who
    took a leave of absence as the school’s president last week,
    eventually will return to his position, the Tulsa World

    Three former professors sued the university Oct. 2 for
    wrongful termination, claiming they were dismissed after
    they turned over to the board of regents a copy of a report
    documenting moral and ethical lapses on the part of Richard
    Roberts and his family.

    Oral Roberts, 89, said in the chapel service that he has
    moved back to Tulsa from Newport Beach, California, where
    he has lived for several years. The crowd gave him standing

    The 5,700-student Bible Belt university will begin mediation
    this week with the three former professors, he said. Their
    lawsuit and attached report accuses Richard Roberts and his
    wife, Lindsay, of lavishly spending university funds, and
    improperly asking that students get involved in a local
    political race.

    The lawsuit alleges that university funds covered home
    remodels and a $29,411 senior trip to the Bahamas for one
    of Roberts’ daughters and says his wife Lindsay Roberts
    sent scores of late-night text messages on
    university-issued cell phones to people described in the
    lawsuit as “underage males.”

    Oral Roberts famously told viewers in 1987 that God told
    him to raise $8 million for the university or he would be
    “called home.”

    In an open letter published Sunday in The Tulsa World,
    George Pearsons, chairman of ORU’s Board of Regents,
    said the university has hired an outside legal and
    accounting firm to conduct a full, independent review of the

    “We do not judge those who are accused and will await
    the facts and respond accordingly,” Pearsons wrote.


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