US ultra Rightist Paul Weyrich dies

This music video from the USA is called Dead KennedysMoral Majority (Live 1984). The lyrics are here.

From British daily The Independent:

In the conservative army that propelled the Republican Party to a generation’s dominance of US politics, Paul Weyrich was among the fiercest warriors. Others might do deals with the Democratic foe if they helped advance the cause. Not Weyrich. For him, compromise was a betrayal of core principles, a step back rather than a step forward. …

His conservatism above all was cultural. Weyrich in 1979 coined the phrase “moral majority” which, with the televangelist Jerry Falwell, he turned into a movement that became one of the most potent strands of the Republican Party. His signature issues were not so much big government and the Communist threat (though both greatly alarmed him) as abortion, feminism (“feminazis” he dubbed such activists) and homosexuality – all, in his view, acute dangers to the traditional values that had been the making of America.

Such was his influence, especially in the decades before and after Ronald Reagan took power in 1980, that many ranked him among the four main architects of that Republican golden age, along with Barry Goldwater, William Buckley Jr, and of course Reagan himself.

Unlike them, Weyrich lived long enough to witness the conservative cause sink to its lowest ebb in 40 years.

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