8 thoughts on “Tomorrow May Day demonstrations, 3 May elections in Britain

  1. May day greetings to you too Friend Kitty. I took it upon myself to explain to a couple of fellow workers that May Day is a worker’s holiday that originated in the US, but we are still not celebrating it here.

    Back in the ’70’s Richard Nixon took it upon himself to announce that May 1st was “Law and Order Day”. Happily, the holiday did not catch on.


  2. Victory to the British troops against the Islamofascist hordes. All those socialists remind me of the Shitler/Stalin non-aggression pact of 1939.


  3. Hi Salisbury Steak, obviously you are not one of these troops, but prefer to be a chickenhawk, while British teenagers do the dying in Iraq for Big Oil. You also do not seem to know that British troops are officially on their way of retiring from Iraq, with no “victory”, just as ultimately there was no “victory” (as even Bush’s new Secretary of “Defense” recognizes about now) when British troops occupied Iraq before from 1918 till the 1950s. That a Muslim seems to be automatically a “fascist” to you shows the impact of racism; which expresses itself in Iraq in mass killlings and torture by the occupiers. I advise you to seek psychiatric help to cure you from the mental disease of racism.


  4. Hi Mr “Salisbury Steak”, aka “Ten Downing”, aka “Huntz Hall”, I have noticed that you don’t know the difference between debating and cyber bullying-trolling. You do not go into any of my points. Go learn some basic netiquette and human decency.


  5. Nothing is more racist than not holding Muslims to the standards of behaviour as NON-Muslims. As if Muslims are too backward to be expected to act like other civilized people.


  6. That may be true. However, the word “Islamofascist” is an abusive word, similar to “kike”, “nigger”, or “faggot”; words that are definitely unwelcome at this blog. A person who uses it implies that Muslims, one fifth of humanity, are all the same as Adolf Hitler.

    Let’s see: the (fundamentalist) Christian Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklohoma City in the USA, with hundreds of deaths as a consequence. Fundamentalist Christians bomb clinics and murder doctors in the USA, as they think women should not decide about their own bodies. The “Reverend” Ian Paisley in Ireland has the blood of many Roman Catholics on his hands. Self styled Christians Bush and Blair cause, according to John Hopkins Univrersity in the USA, over 600,000 dead in Iraq and counting. Adolf Hitler was officially a member of the Roman Catholic Church, paying contributions till he died. Should we now, according to the pseudo-logic of “Islamofascism” quiver in fear every time we pass a Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, etc. etc. church: “Oh, terrible, a terrorist den, they will kill me”? Come on! Fortunately few people would think so. Similarly for other religions.


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