Tango dancing and young coots

Coot with chicks

Today, the first time of this year of open air tango dancing in the park.

On my way there, many semi wild chickens crossing the Houtlaan.

A bit further, grey herons.

Stil further, in the enclosure: a peacock (bird) and fallow deer.

I kooked for fish in the pond behind the dancefloor, but did not see any, unlike last August.

Probably as it is early in the year, and the new generation has not hatched yet.

There already was a new generation of coots, swimming with their parents.

Though it was the first time in this year, many people had come to dance the tango, in sunny weather.

Leucistic Fallow deer in Scotland: here.

2 thoughts on “Tango dancing and young coots

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