Tango next to sticklebacks. And pikes?

Three-spined stickleback

This afternoon, like last week, there was tango dancing in the city park.

Though it was rainier than last week, the roof protected the open air dancers from getting wet.

Quite some people turned up.

Though I have had few tango lessons, I could help with the first tango ever of one of my dancing partners of today.

Looking from the dance floor into the water, I saw scores of three-spined sticklebacks.

I was born near here, and these little fish brought back childhood memories.

Jan Wolkers wrote that, during the last winter of the nazi occupation of The Netherlands, 1944-1945 when many people were very hungry, he caught five pike here.

However, I did not see any pike today.

3 thoughts on “Tango next to sticklebacks. And pikes?

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