Blair said to resign on 9 May because of cash for peerages scandal

This video is called A review of the last ten years under Blair to Johnny Cash singing Hurt.

From The Raw Story:

Paper: Blair set to end ten year reign as British PM on May 9th

Josh Catone

Published: Sunday April 22, 2007

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will step down on May 9th, reports the Sunday Mail.

The decision, according to the paper, was made to preempt any charges made in the “cash for honors” scandal.

“That will trigger a seven-week leadership election process in the Labour Party and a new PM – probably Gordon Brown – will move into 10 Downing Street at the end of June,” writes Rob Gibson.

The Crown Prosecution Service is unlikely to make a decision about whether to bring criminal charges against some of Blair’s aides for allegedly taking kickbacks, despite ample evidence to do so, until Blair leaves office, according to the paper.

See also here.

Blairite racism in election campaign: here.

3 thoughts on “Blair said to resign on 9 May because of cash for peerages scandal

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