UK: the suspicious death of Dr David Kelly and the Iraq war

This video says about itself:

Have you got blood on your hands, Prime Minister? David Kelly

Jan 9, 2008

The turning point in Tony Blair’s career as Prime Minister came when he was at a press conference in Japan. A journalist asked him if he had any responsibility for the death of weapons inspector David Kelly. This video shows how Blair stood motionless, unable to answer for eight seconds. Eventually the Japanese Prime Minister saved him further embarrassment by ending the news conference prematurely.

From the blog of Craig Murray, ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan, sacked by Blair for opposition to human rights violations there, on the death of Dr David Kelly, part of the scandal of lies on “WMD” which started the Iraq war:

Norman Baker on David Kelly

Below is an article from The Argus on Norman Baker [Liberal Democrat] MPs campaign over the death of David Kelly.

I was convinced that Kelly was murdered from the moment I heard of his death.

Since then we learn that so much that was put out was simply untrue, particularly about having ingested a lot of painkillers.

It is very difficult indeed to die of slashed wrists in the open air and, as Baker notes, the paramedics at the scene were adamant there was not enough blood.

The points Baker makes are all good.

But for me, it has always been highly improbable that a chemical weapons specialist could not have killed himself with less pain, had he wanted to.

There remains no evidence at all that Kelly did want to die.

The Argus – 2007-04-13

As for the Iraq war which Bush and Blair started basing themselves on “WMD” lies, today’s news:

Two people have been killed and one very seriously wounded when two British military helicopters crashed in Iraq, [British] Defence Secretary Des Browne said.

See also here.

Psychology of Bush’s and Blair’s ‘stay the course’ Iraq war policy: here.

More on Des Browne: here.

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