New Mark Fiore animation on death squad-government collusion in Colombia

This is a new animation by Mark Fiore.

Its subject is the collusion of the Colombian government of Rightist Uribe, Bush’s favourite president in Latin America, with extreme Right death squads.

Associated Press reports:

With a cast of leering far-right paramilitaries, smiling skeletons climbing from mass graves and a buffoonish George W. Bush, an animated Internet cartoon that criticizes Colombia’s peace process has prompted a rebuke from the nation’s foreign minister.

The two-minute clip playing on the Amnesty International Web site is presented as a mock commercial for a new soap, Colombia Clean.

It’s a sarcastic reference to the Colombian government effort to make peace with illegal paramilitaries, a process that critics say absolves extremist right-wing warlords of savage massacres.

Colombia Clean, the bubbly narrator promises, will wash away “dirty consciences” and “bloodstained histories.”

“We can wallow in the dirt of human rights abuses, but stay spotless with the nonstick blame repellant of Colombia Clean!” a Colombian politician says.

“If you’re a member of a ruthless paramilitary militia, you can come clean,” chimes in an increasingly bloodstained paramilitary commander, “And continue killing!”

Chiquita and death squads: here.

Interview with Colombian trade unionist: here.

Colombia: Agrifuels and death squads: here.

14 thoughts on “New Mark Fiore animation on death squad-government collusion in Colombia

  1. SOA Watch Staffperson Incarcerated for 3 Days by Capitol
    Posted by: “Compañero” chocoano05
    Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:10 am (PST)
    SOA Watch Staffperson Incarcerated for Three Days by
    Capitol Police and the Department of Homeland Security

    This past weekend, Hendrik Voss, a volunteer in the SOA
    Watch national office and an organizer in the struggle to
    close the School of the Americas, was being detained on an
    order from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He
    was held for three days in DC’s Central Cellblock, the DC
    Jail and at a Homeland Security Detention Center in
    Northern Virginia.

    Due to swift and successful organizing, solidarity, and
    movement contacts, Hendrik was released from custody on
    Monday evening. Many thanks to all the people who have
    worked over the past few days to secure Hendrik’s freedom!
    See below for more information on Hendrik’s situation.

    This incident is a reminder to all of us about the
    repressive political climate in the United States. Here
    are some more examples of how this climate is manifesting
    itself in regards to the movement to close the School of
    the Americas:

    € ¦· Sixteen human rights activists who crossed the line onto
    Fort Benning to call attention to the human rights abuses
    connected to the SOA were found guilty in federal court
    and received sentences from 1 year on probation to six
    month in federal prison. Support the Prisoners of
    € ¦· The FBI has placed SOA Watch under “Counterterrorism
    Surveillance”. € ¦· Harassment of people who organize events
    or write letters to the editor about the School of the
    Americas by SOA/WHINSEC officers (read Aaron Shuman’s
    article “Fighting to Close the SOA and to Stop Government
    Spying” here:
    ) € ¦· Denial of SOA Watch’s Freedom of Information Act
    (FOIA) Request by the Pentagon:

    The way to counter the repression is to keep up the
    resistance, to organize more effectively and to change the
    values in this country. We can’t let intimidation and fear
    outweigh our commitment to justice.


    Contact your Representative and urge her/him to sign-on to
    HR 1707, the legislation that will suspend operations at
    the SOA/WHINSEC and investigate the connection between the
    school and atrocities in Latin America:

    Organize in your community for the Fast to Close the SOA
    (April 25-27, 2007):


    Hendrik Voss was stopped by Capitol Police on Friday,
    March 23 for allegedly putting a “Close the SOA” sticker
    on a parking meter on Capitol Hill in preparation for the
    upcoming Congressional vote on the SOA/WHINSEC. Several
    officers of the Intelligence Unit of the Capitol Police
    were called to the scene. After Hendrik retained his right
    to not consent to a search of his belongings, he was

    Hendrik was held overnight in jail and appeared in court
    on Saturday morning. There, the judge told Hendrik that
    for this DC charge, he could be released on his own
    recognizance to await an April 17 hearing date – BUT that
    the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and
    Customs Enforcement had put a detainer or “hold” on him,
    preventing his release.

    Neither Homeland Security nor Immigrations and Customs
    Enforcement (the new name for the INS) charged him or gave
    an explanation during this arbitrary detention. Hendrik is
    a German citizen and is in the United States with a visa
    and has not been convicted of any crime.

    For three days, Hendrik joined thousands of people who are
    being detained by the Department of Homeland Security in
    the United States, and his arrest is just another example
    of increasingly oppressive policies towards immigrants,
    grassroots organizers and human rights groups that are
    working to make positive social change.

    Hendrik was unusually lucky that he had an advocacy
    network outside of prison that alerted the German embassy,
    made contact to immigration lawyers and Congressional
    offices. No immigration related charges were filed but he
    is still facing a court date on April 17, 2007 on the
    charge of “defacing DC government property”.


  2. Take Action – HR 1707 Introduced in the House! – SOA Grads
    Posted by: “Compañero” chocoano05
    Thu Apr 5, 2007 4:30 pm (PST)
    Read this update on the web:

    = =

    April 4, 2007

    1. HR 1707 Introduced in the House!
    2. April 25-27: Fast to Close the SOA/WHINSEC
    3. News & Updates from Latin America
    – Peruvian SOA Graduates Arrested by ICE
    – CIA Cites Colombian SOA Instructor Montoya Uribe for
    Paramilitary Connection – SOA Watch in Guatemala, Honduras
    & El Salvador 4. Fort Huachuca Two Free Until June



    Thanks to your actions and pressure on Congress, Rep. Jim
    McGovern introduced HR 1707 on March 27, 2007, with 72
    original co-sponsors! This new legislation would suspend
    operations at the SOA/ WHINSEC and investigate the
    association of torture and human rights abuses associated
    with the school.

    We need your help generating more cosponsors and support
    for HR 1707! Visit the (link
    to: on our website to learn more
    about how YOU can get involved and add your cosponsor as a
    supporter of this legislation. Use our Democracy In
    Action tool to send an automatic letter to your Member of
    Congress or access our sample call script and the
    congressional switchboard phone number to make your views
    heard in Washington! You can also access the updated list
    of cosponsors at the bottom of that page.

    For more information, please contact the Legislative
    Coordinator of SOA Watch, Pam Bowman at pbowman(@)
    or 202-234-3440.

    –> CLICK HERE to send a Fax/ Email to your Representative
    urging her/him to support HR 1707 –

    –> FIND OUT MORE about our Legislative Campaign to shut
    down the SOA/WHINSEC


    With a new bill and an imminent vote that would suspend
    operations at the SOA/WHINSEC, April is a time of hope and
    remembrance for the victims of human rights abuses
    throughout the Americas.

    On April 25-27, peacemakers, community organizers,
    prisoners of conscience and human rights advocates around
    the country will be fasting to raise awareness of the
    victims of the SOA/WHINSEC. Public fasts and events in
    front of Congressional offices, federal buildings,
    university campus centers and public spaces will inform
    the public and new members of Congress about the
    SOA/WHINSEC and why we believe it must be shut down!

    It is up to us, the people, to inspire a change in
    people’s hearts and minds and bring peace and justice to
    the hemisphere. We must make ourselves heard, we must make
    ourselves visible and let our Representatives in Congress
    and leaders in government know that we believe in peace,
    human rights and transparency!

    Download the April Fast Organizing Packet and start
    organizing! –

    If you are interested in organizing a Fast or Event please
    contact our Communication Coordinator, Joao Da Silva, at
    jdasilva(at)soaw(dot)org or call 202-234-3440.



    Retired Peruvian military officers Telmo Hurtado and Juan
    Rivera Rondon were arrested by Immigration and Customs
    Enforcement, in Florida and Baltimore respectively, in
    violation of U.S. immigration laws this past week.

    Hurtado and Rivera stand accused for the August 14, 1985
    massacre of 69 children, women and men in the village of
    Accomarca, in the southeastern region of Ayacucho, Peru.
    Both are facing a 2006 extradition order by a Peruvian
    court for leading the four military brigades which
    executed the 69 civilians.

    Telmo Hurtado and Juan Rivera Rondon attended Arms
    Orientation courses at the U.S. Army School of the
    Americas from 1981-1982 during the height of military
    repression. According to the Truth and Reconciliation
    Commission that investigated the political violence in
    Peru during the 1980’s, the armed forces killed and
    “disappeared” more than 7,250 civilians who were not
    involved in the conflict.

    Read more about this breaking news…

    Take Action! – Contact the Peruvian Embassy and Demand
    that Telmo Hurtado and Juan Rivera Rondon be extradited to
    face justice in Peru! –



    A recent Los Angeles Times article reported that a CIA
    report linked Colombia’s top ranking military officer
    General Mario Montoya to Colombia’s right wing

    Colombia’s paramilitaries, considered terrorist
    organizations by the U.S. government, are financed by drug
    trafficking and have long been suspected of collaboration
    with the Colombian military and key government leaders and

    General Mario Montoya attended the School of the Americas
    as student in 1983 and as an instructor in 1993. The CIA
    report states that Montoya and a paramilitary group
    jointly planned and conducted a military operation in 2002
    to eliminate Marxist guerrillas from poor areas around
    Medellin where at least 14 people were killed and dozens
    more disappeared.

    –> READ the complete Los Angeles Times article –

    –> READ more about General Montoya – and

    –> READ a compelling article about Plan Colombia written
    by Linda Panetta of SOA Watch NE –



    As part of our ongoing campaign to visit countries with
    troops attending the SOA/WHINSEC and strengthening our
    relationships with human rights organizations in Latin
    America, an SOA Watch delegation recently traveled to
    Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Lisa
    Sullivan-Rodriguez of the SOA Watch Latin America Project,
    Carlos Mauricio of the Stop Impunity Project, Linda
    Panetta of SOA Watch Northeast and Fr. Roy Bourgeois of
    SOA Watch traveled to the three Central American nations
    with the most dramatic cases of SOA/WHINSEC violence and
    U.S. military intervention.

    “Clearly, our visit served to remind citizens that their
    countries were continuing to send troops to the
    SOA/WHINSEC, a place of horrors in the minds of most
    Central Americans. Even the Guatemalan (Meeting with the
    Guatemalan Defense Minister) and Honduran Defense
    Ministers seemed surprised when we shared the current
    numbers we had for their students at the school. Either
    they are highly disorganized, are polished fibbers, or the
    SOA/WHINSEC is inflating its figures. Whatever the case,
    word spread quickly that the SOA was alive and well and
    not buried with its old name, as many had thought.

    Many organizations made commitments to continue to
    pressure their governments to withdraw their troops from
    the SOA/WHINSEC. Together we realized how important it is
    to join our efforts, north and south, to close this school
    of assassins and to monitor other institutions so that
    they will not become a morphed version of the SOA/WHINSEC.
    We left Central America, a land of martyrs, inspired by
    the commitment of so many people who refuse for death to
    have the final word.”

    –> CONTINUE READING Lisa Sullivan’s Reportback

    –> READ MORE about the SOA Watch Latin America Project –


    U.S. District Court Magistrate Hector Estrada Tuesday
    refused to grant a military prosecutor’s repeated plea to
    jail two Roman Catholic priests, each with a long record
    of nonviolent protest and subsequent imprisonment, pending
    their trial for trespass last fall at Fort Huachuca, in
    Sierra Vista, Arizona. Estrada set trials to begin in
    Tucson on June 4 for Jesuit Fr. Steve Kelly and June 6 for
    Franciscan Fr. Louis Vitale. It is expected that the cases
    will be consolidated, and the men will be tried together
    that week.

    The priests were arrested near the Fort Huachuca gatehouse
    last November 19 during a demonstration in conjunction
    with the annual vigil to Close the SOA/WHINSEC at Fort
    Benning, Georgia. The two were arrested as they sought
    entry to speak with enlisted personnel and deliver a
    letter denouncing torture and the Military Commissions Act
    of 2006 to Major General Barbara Fast, commander at the
    post and a key figure in the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib
    prison in Iraq.

    Fr. Louie Vitale is a member of Pace e Bene, whose mission
    is “to develop the spirituality and practice of active
    nonviolence as a way of living and being and as a process
    for cultural transformation.” Fr. Vitale is also a
    co-founder of the Nevada Desert Experience, a faith-based
    organization that has opposed nuclear weapons testing for
    a quarter of a century. Fr. Vitale recently served six
    months in jail following his arrest at the Ft. Benning
    vigil in November, 2005, and was ejected from
    congressional hearings in September after speaking out
    against the Military Commissions Act.

    Fr. Steve Kelly is a member of the Redwood City Catholic
    Worker community and has served time in federal prison for
    the nonviolent direct disarmament of nuclear weapon
    delivery systems. In December, 2005, Kelly served as
    chaplain for Witness to Torture, a delegation of over two
    dozen U.S. anti-torture activists who defied the U.S.
    embargo of Cuba with a peaceful march through that nation
    to the gates of the Guantanamo Bay navel base and prison

    –> Read more about the Fort Huachuca 2 –
    “One has to have a great dose of humanity, a great dose of the
    feeling of justice and of truth not to fall into extreme dogmatism,
    into a cold scholasticism, into isolation from the masses. Every day
    one has to struggle that this love to a living humanity transform
    itself into concrete acts, in acts that serve as examples, as
    motivation.” Ernesto “Che” Guevara


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