Philips corporation in trouble because of Agent Orange and asbestos

This video is about the consequences of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

From Dutch daily NRC, paper edition, 8 March 2007, page 15:

Insurance companies fear that they will have to pay billions of dollars claims against Philips [Dutch based multinational electronics corporation].

They did not know that a Philips affiliate has sold asbestos and has produced Agent Orange. …

A company which was part of the electronics corporation from 1961 and 1981, sold Agent Orange to the US Army.

Still today, grandchildren of US Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese war victims, because of this, are built with deficiencies in backbones and elsewhere. ….

In 1961, Philips bought the US company Thompson Hayward [Agriculture and Nutrition].

Three activities [of them] are problematic now:

– Selling raw asbestos.

During this, workers were exposed to this cancer inducing substance. …

– Thompson Hayward was one of seven corporations selling Agent Orange to the US army during the Vietnam war. …

– Producing pesticides like DDT, an insecticide which has been illegal for a long time, because it contains the cancer inducing dioxin.

10 thoughts on “Philips corporation in trouble because of Agent Orange and asbestos

  1. The VA has added some diseases to its list of diseases presumed to be caused by Agent Orange exposure: Parkinson’s disease, B cell leukemias, iischemic heart disease. If a Vietnam Vet applied for benefits based on the claim that Agent Orange caused him/her to suffer one of these diseases and was denied, there is a really good chance the claim would be approved now if they reapply. We can help:


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