Iraqi Women’s Death Sentences Spur European Outcry

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From Women’s eNews:

Iraqi Women’s Death Sentences Spur European Outcry

Run Date: 03/09/07

By Cynthia L. Cooper
WeNews correspondent

Death sentences imposed on three Iraqi women–some of them mothers with young children–have spurred international concerns about the conduct of their trials and the abrogation of international prohibitions against the death penalty for new mothers.

(WOMENSENEWS)–In Frankfurt, Germany, protestors planned to erect a scaffold and post a woman under it with a rope around her neck.

In Stockholm, Sweden, and Ankara, Turkey, protestors gathered in front of the Iraq embassies.

These events, hastily-announced in the past two weeks, were to demand a halt to pending executions by hanging of three young women in Iraq.

The women–Wassan Talib, 31; Zaynab Fahil, 25 and Liqa’ Qamar Muhammad, 26– were charged with vague crimes of acting against the public welfare, according to reports emerging from the war-torn country.

Amnesty International issued an “urgent action,” asking members around the world to send letters of protest, fearing that the executions were imminent.

Update: here.

And here.

US women soldiers fear rape by male colleagues: here.

Rape of Iraqi women by US soldiers: here.

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