Scotland: whales and dolphins near east coast

Minke whaleFrom The Scotsman:

Dolphins and whales seen in the Forth

NEARLY 100 sightings of whales and dolphins in the Firth of Forth were recorded over a two-month period.

The new figures, published today by Green MSPs, will be used by campaigners as evidence that controversial ship-to-ship oil transfers should not take place in the estuary.

Minke, pilot and Orca whales, as well as bottle-nosed dolphins and harbour porpoises, were all spotted in the Forth during October and November.

Residents reported the 99 sightings to a campaign hotline set up by the Greens, which were then followed up by research staff for verification.

The animals were seen off the Bass Rock in North Berwick and other parts of East Lothian, but mainly from Fife.

Orcas in Firth of Forth: here.

Whale and dolphin watching in the UK: here.

Minke whale stranded in Cornwall: here.

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