Guatemala: Mayans angry about Mel Gibson film

This video from the USA is called Mel Gibson Gets Angry with Reporter About Jewish Question.

The BBC reports:

Gibson film angers Mayan groups

Mel Gibson‘s film about the Mayan civilisation has come under fire from indigenous members of the culture.

Activists in Guatemala – once home to a large part of the central American Mayan empire – said Apocalypto was unrealistic.

“The director is saying the Mayans are savages,” said Lucio Yaxon, a human rights activist.

But consultant archaeologist for the film, Richard Hansen, said Gibson was “trying to make a social statement”.

‘Racist notion’

He said the director, who also co-wrote the film, took pains to ensure the film was historically accurate and authentic.

Gibson’s representatives were not immediately available for comment.

Only the film’s trailer has been seen in Guatemala, but some Mayan leaders say scenes of Mayans with bone piercings sacrificing humans promote stereotypes about their culture.

“Gibson replays… an offensive and racist notion that Maya people were brutal to one another long before the arrival of Europeans and thus they deserved, in fact, needed, rescue,” said Ignacio Ochoa, director of the Nahual Foundation that promotes Mayan culture. …

The Mayan civilisation went into decline after the 8th century.

More than half of Guatemala’s population is descended from the original Maya and most live in poverty with little access to education and social service.

Over 200,000 people, mostly Mayan, were killed during Guatemala’s 36-year civil war that ended a decade ago.

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Mel Gibson, on the far Right fringe of the Roman Catholic church, was attacked for being anti-Semitic before.

Racism, anti-Semitism, in French football: here.

Mayans condemn 2012 as more lies from Hollywood: here.


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  2. I am Guatemalan, decentant of Mayan Indians with a mix of probably Spanish, (My father if light-skinned w green eyes and very indian features)and I DO NOT believe the Mayans were “Savages” but a tribe of people of the times that were expressing their beliefs and worshipped the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Is there anything wrong with that? We learned that killing people is wrong but we believe in NATURE, not some unseen being. What is killing people now? NATURE. With her Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Sunamies, Fires and Humans.


  3. Tania Indira Bonilla, thank you for your comment. Mel Gibson’s misinterpretation of 16th century Mayan history should be seen in the present situation of Guatemala, and Latin America, and of US imperialism.


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  9. I am very upset to see Mel Gibson’s film about Mayans as savages. Most Mayans are farmers, hunters, Astronomers and they had made beautiful sculptures on walls, some of the Mayan cities had nice baths and libraries. They have soldiers for to protect their cities and wars often caused by problems with politics, jealousy, e.t.c. Mayans are NOT savages……………………… ( Note, I am not a Mayan. I am a white woman.)


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