Coronavirus crisis, worldwide update

This April 2020 video says about itself:

101 Cuban nurses arrive in Barbados to fight COVID-19

101 Cuban nurses have arrived in Barbados to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister has expressed hope that the US would abide by international law as Washington continues to harass Venezuela, sending warships and troops near the country. More on these and other stories now.

‘US is weaponising coronavirus against Iran and Venezuela’ says Oliver Stone, 8th April 2020.

US deal with Taliban breaks down while coronavirus spreads in Afghanistan. By Bill Van Auken, 8 April 2020. The Taliban has withdrawn from talks with the crisis-ridden Kabul regime over its failure to act on a prisoner release agreement brokered by Washington.

In Uganda, loss of forested habitat increases the likelihood of interactions between disease-carrying wild primates and humans. The findings suggest the emergence and spread of viruses, such as the one that causes COVID-19, will become more common as the conversion of natural habitats into farmland continues worldwide: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

In France, commotion has arisen over President Macron‘s visit to the Seine-Saint-Denis department, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus. Macron went there on the street and was soon surrounded by dozens of residents. They were not spatially distanced from each other. The president himself was also surrounded by officials and bodyguards.

Commentators in French media almost unanimously speak of “an erroneous signal” and “an awkward move”. The French have to stay inside and keep a distance from each other.

The left and right opposition are baffled by the images. “The president is endangering residents with this public relations stunt,” said the far-left party, LFI. …

It is also raining reactions on social media in which people express their surprise at the crowd around the president.

“Politicians tell us to stay indoors, and they do the opposite themselves,” wrote a Frenchwoman. “If we save lives by keeping a distance, then Macron has not quite understood,” wrote another.

World Health Organization warns against premature ending of social distancing measures. By Bryan Dyne, 8 April 2020. The warnings come as the number of deaths worldwide approaches 82,000 and the number of officially confirmed cases burst past 1.4 million.

As Germany’s number of coronavirus cases grows, so do levels of anti-Semitism.

Canada’s health minister promotes “herd immunity”, after admitting government’s coronavirus failure. By Laurent Lafrance, 8 April 2020. Health Minister Hajdu acknowledged that if Canada’s hospitals lack vital equipment it is because the government has been “underfunding” healthcare “for decades”.

As the pandemic spreads to Africa, Asia and Latin America, the coronavirus will hit the world’s most vulnerable even harder: here.

Africa’s elite builds VIP hospitals for themselves, leaving workers to die. By Stephan McCoy. 8 April 2020. “We are the only continent that has its leaders seeking medical services outside the continent, outside our territory. We must be ashamed.”— Aaron Motsoaledi, South African Health Minister, 2017.

Thai government introduces lockdowns amid criticisms of its pandemic response. By Owen Howell, 8 April 2020. Within a month, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Thailand has leapt from a few dozen to over 2,000.

Sri Lanka: Billions to big business as government prepares new attacks on working people. By Saman Gunadasa, 8 April 2020. No meaningful government funds have been provided for personal protection equipment for health workers, ventilators for patients or kits for mass coronavirus testing.

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