‘Trump, Turkish Erdogan steal coronavirus medical gear’

This 5 August 2020 video says about itself:

Berlin authorities accuse U.S. of ‘piracy’, saying mask shipment was diverted at Bangkok airport

It’s being called “the war of the masks“. French and German officials are the latest to accuse the U.S. of hijacking orders of medical supplies. Here’s CGTN’s Nicole Ng with a look at how the battle has intensified.

US accused of seizing face mask shipments bound for Europe, Canada. Unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, officials worldwide have been scrambling for protective medical gear. Germany has accused the US of competing for vital health care resources with “wild west” methods: here.

United States President Donald Trump is not the only president of a NATO country accused of stealing NATO allied countriescoronavirus medical gear.

So is President Erdogan of NATO country Turkey, stopping respirators from going to its NATO ally Spain, hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

5 thoughts on “‘Trump, Turkish Erdogan steal coronavirus medical gear’

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