Coronavirus crisis, Europe

This 7 April 2020 French video is called (translated) Crowd, inhabitants pressed together, non-respect of spatial distancing: Macron in Seine-Saint-Denis (Pantin).

France summons Chinese ambassador after embassy criticizes “herd immunity” policy. By Alex Lantier, 16 April 2020. Paris called in Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye on Monday to criticize his embassy’s statements that European countries abandoned “their citizens to face the viral onslaught”.

French President Macron announces a premature end to quarantine in the interests of the financial elite. By Alex Lantier, 16 April 2020. Emmanuel Macron delivered a televised address to the French public on Monday night to defend his government’s disastrous response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Royal Mail’s putting profits before safety results in deaths of UK postal workers. By Paul Lee and Richard Tyler, 16 April 2020. Even now, as postal workers are dying and the danger of infection is massive, the Communication Workers Union refuses to pull the whole workforce out on strike until Royal Mail can guarantee their safety.

Thousands of UK care home residents dead in COVID-19 pandemic. By Robert Stevens, 16 April 2020. For the ruling elite, the elderly are viewed as a drain on resources and a burden on the further accumulation of personal wealth and corporate profit.

Germany: Munich tram drivers speak out on dangerous conditions during coronavirus pandemic. By our reporters, 16 April 2020. Reports from two tram drivers illustrate the irresponsible actions of the MVG management putting workers at increased risk of infection and death.

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