Hanau, Germany vigil after nazi massacre

This 20 February 2020 video says about itself:

Several thousand people gathered in central Hanau on Thursday evening to attend a vigil to the victims of Wednesday’s double shooting in the west German city.

Ahead of the night-time gathering mourners placed candles to the victims and held photos of the deceased before listening to speeches by political leaders – including an address by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

A gunman opened fire outside one shisha bar in the Hanau Heumarkt district and drove off to a second location in the Kesselstadt district where he opened fire again, killing a total of nine people and injuring several others late on Wednesday evening.

The suspect was a 43-year-old German citizen from Hanau. Together with his 72-year-old mother, he was found dead at his home in the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to the Federal Prosecutors Office, there are serious indications of a racist background to the crime, which is supported by videos and documents allegedly made by the suspect.

A sign in the beginning of the video says, translated: Fascism and racism kill everywhere.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

“They were such lovely children, such lovely people,” says 75-year-old Elfrieda Olbrich. She lived for decades next door to an Afghan German family, two of whom were murdered. “What should you say after such a big loss?” she wonders aloud. …

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier addresses the crowd on the market square. …

Yet his presence is not appreciated by everyone. “Now the powerful from Berlin come, but we certainly do not always feel supported as Turkish Germans“, says Yasemin, who does not want her name in the media.

Her father Ayhan also says that he is often treated as a criminal by the police. Brother Furkan believes that President Steinmeier should have explicitly said that Muslims belong in Germany. “That they are not the enemy.”

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