Red admiral, golden oriole, lizards, orchids

The path to Skafi beach on Tilos island

After 20 April 2019, we were still on Tilos island in Greece. The photo shows the path to Skafi beach on the north coast. We walked there; not all the way to the coast, as there was much too see underway.

Again, Sardinian warblers singing. And a nightingale.

Again, many painted lady butterflies; on their spring migration?

Then, a different butterfly: a red admiral.

The scientific name of this species is Vanessa atalanta. Linnaeus probably named the species after the Greek mythological young woman Atalante, famous for her beauty and speed.

A bit further, a collared flycatcher on a tree.

This is a collared flycatcher video from Sweden.

On a wall, the most common of the five lizard species of Tilos: a snake-eyed lizard.

A male red-footed falcon flies past.

Then. on a rock, the biggest Tilos lizard species: a sling-tailed agama.

This 28 April 2018 video is called Sling Tailed Agama – (Stellagama stellio) – Κουρκουτάς – Cyprus.

As we walk back, a male golden oriole flying.

Barn swallows flying.

So does a kestrel.

Cypress, 21 April 2019

We approach a cypress tree near the ruin of an old farmhouse.

Walls, 21 April 2019

Only some of its walls are still standing.

Holy orchids, 21 April 2019

Between the ruined walls, these holy orchids grow.

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