Tilos orchids, birds and sea

This video is about Tilos island, Dodecanese, Greece.

After 19 April 2019, we woke up the next day, 20 April, in Megalo Chorio, Tilos island.

In the morning, a singing nightingale.

We climbed the steep village alleys up to a Greek Orthodox church.

Heart, 20 April 2019

One of the houses has a heart shape in its front gate.

A Sardinian warbler singing.

A dark phase Eleonora´s falcon flying past.

We take the bus to Agios Antonios harbour hamlet. Inhabited in the summer season. Now still deserted.

Waves, 20 April 2019

It is windy, causing waves to break on the rocky coast.

Pier, 20 April 2019

On the pier, this old boat and this crooked lamppost.

Agios Antonios, 20 April 2019

The deserted Agios Antonios hamlet is quiet, but the sea and the wind are not.

We walk along the mountain path from Agios Antonios back to Megalo Chorio.

Holy orchid, 20 April 2019

Along the path, beautiful flowers. They are holy orchids. Most not yet flowering. But the one on this photo is.

Common poppies. Barley.

Pyramidal orchids, 20 April 2019

Then, another orchid species. Pyramidal orchids.

A house martin flies past. Then, barn swallows.

Then, a much bigger bird. A long-legged buzzard.

This 15 June 2017 video is called Long-legged buzzard in flight (Buteo rufinus) Αετογερακίνα – Cyprus.

Flowers, 20 April 2019

More beautiful flowers yet before we reached Megalo Chorio.

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