Religious fanatics’ homophobia

This 23 July 2018 video from Israel says about itself:

Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv for LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ protestors blocked off the streets of Tel Aviv to protest what they say was a stab in the back by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A massive political demonstration snowballed from a fringe issue: surrogacy. It quickly became a rallying cry for equal rights. Our Ariel Levin-Waldman has the story.

Homophobia by religious right Protestants and religious right Roman Catholics is well-known.

At least in the 1960s, it also existed among secular ‘liberals’. It still exists in Middle East absolute monarchies claiming to base themselves on Islam. It still exists among the Hindu religious right in India. It still exists among the Japanese Shinto religious right. Etc.

It also exists in ultra-religious Judaism. A chief rabbi in Israel recently called for the death penalty for LGBTQ people. And now, Jewish daily The Forward in the USA reports about Israel:

30 July 2018

More than 200 leading rabbis published a letter condemning the idea of surrogacy and adoption for gays, describing homosexuals as “perverts”, The Jerusalem Post reported.

These rabbis, the Jerusalem Post writes, are ‘from the national-religious sector‘.

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