Italian government’s anti-Roma racism

This 26 April 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s most openly racist politician and leader of the far-right Northern League party, loves Donald Trump. And it appears that Trump loves him back.

Salvini, who has called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy to accept Syrian refugees a disaster, and who has been pictured with a bulldozer on the edge of Roma camps, tweeted a series of pictures of himself at a Trump rally in Philadelphia this week.

Salvini, who is in the United States to promote Italian culture then met with Trump for around 20 minutes after the rally, which was held on April 25—a day that Italy celebrates its liberation from fascism and a holiday Salvini does not celebrate. According to sources, Trump reportedly said, “Matteo, I hope you will soon become the prime minister of Italy.”

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

ITALY: Police evicted Roma families from a camp in Rome yesterday in defiance of an order by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Around 300 people were forcibly removed in dawn raids with accusations that excessive force was used.

Right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said: “Legality, order and respect before anything else.” It is not clear whether the families will be rehoused.

USA: GOP OFFICIAL QUITS PARTY OVER ‘RACISM Lori Stegmann, an elected official in Oregon, is leaving the Republican Party because of the “misogyny” and “racism” of the Trump administration. [HuffPost]

Christian Group Sent GOP Congressman To Romania To Meet With Holocaust Denier: here.

19 thoughts on “Italian government’s anti-Roma racism

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