Italian racist politician calls black woman ‘orangutan’

In Greece, the Golden Dawn nazi fuehrer called a basketball player of African ancestry a ‘chimpanzee’.

Now, in Italy, Roberto Calderoli has called a black woman an ‘orangutan’.

Cecile Kyenge in parliament in Italy, photo: Reuters: Alessandro Bianchi

Roberto Calderoli is a politician of the extreme Right Lega Nord (Northern League) party. He used to be a minister in the recent Berlusconi government.

Now, he has insulted Ms Cécile Kyenge, born in Congo, a Democratic Party minister in the present government.

Roberto Calderoli, Italian Politician, Compares First Black Minister Cecile Kyenge To Orangutan: here.

Top Italian senator Roberto Calderoli slammed for comparing black minister Cecile Kyenge to orang-utan: here.

See also here.

A fellow Lega Nord politician of Calderoli’s has called for raping Ms Kyenge.

Yet another Lega Nord politician, Mario Borghezio, ally of Dutch xenophobic politician Geert Wilders and admirer of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, has joined in the racist abuse frenzy.

Italian senate vice-president Roberto Calderoli was forced to apologise on Sunday after likening Italy’s first black minister Cecile Kyenge to an orangutan: here.


38 thoughts on “Italian racist politician calls black woman ‘orangutan’

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