40 thoughts on “Google censorship of critical Internet sites worsens

  1. Our freedoms do not exist unless we exercise them. And if we don’t exercise them, one day they will be gone completely.

  2. Google kicked me off youtube during the OWS protest. I crossed the line of unacceptable behavior in a corporate-controlled society: I attacked Capitalism and the terrorist state of Israel.

    Everyone who wants freedom needs o hit the streets and demand an end to Capitalism.

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  7. Friday 1st December 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in World

    MEDIA freedom across the globe is at its lowest level for at least a decade, according to a new report which claims that monopolisation of the press, government surveillance and a rise in deadly attacks on journalists are stifling freedom of expression.

    The study by Article 19, a freedom of expression campaign group, along with political and social database V-Dem, warns that journalists are facing an increase in not only physical assaults but attacks in the form of new “draconian” surveillance laws and internet censorship.

    Turkey had the biggest decline in freedom of speech over the last decade with almost 200 media outlets shut down and a third of the world’s total jailed journalists in its prisons.

    The report, published yesterday, measured freedom of expression in 172 countries between 2006 and 2016 using a method called the Expression Agenda.

    It used 32 social and political indicators including media bias and corruption, internet censorship, access to justice, harassment of journalists and equality for social classes and genders.

    The report claims that the growth of the internet is partly to blame for the global crackdown as a handful of secretive companies and search engines are in control of censoring much of the world’s online content.

    Although freedom of expression has declined in many authoritarian countries including Burundi, the report notes that free speech is also under attack in democratic countries.

    Article 19 spokesman Thomas Hughes believes that Britain was responsible for one of the most draconian surveillance laws in the world through the Investigatory Powers Act, also known as the Snoopers’ Charter.

    The act gives government the power to hack into people’s personal computers, phones and any other device.

    Britain’s National Union of Journalists (NUJ) general secretary Michelle Stanistreet also warned that British journalists are “subjected to invasive surveillance laws,” with those who reported on Edward Snowden’s leaks still subjected to an ongoing police investigation.

    But Ms Stanistreet said that, while governments deliberately target journalists to prevent public scrutiny of their actions, it is not just physical threats that undermine the ability of journalists to do their jobs.

    She said: “Precarious working conditions, redundancies and extensive job cuts, the concentration of media ownership and rampant commercialisation are all enabled by specific legislative frameworks and government laissez-faire attitudes.

    “The need for independent and ethical journalism is greater now than it has ever been, but, in almost every country, the media are undergoing significant turmoil and crisis.”


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  17. “Citizens not serfs” is a tiny player, but I am having extreme difficulty accessing relevant research material and am blocked from accessing my site. Of course you can access any WordPress site from any other, but I can’t get any WordPress site to open. The only way I managed to re-blog this article was by logging in to WordPress and then using the Reader. But I cannot see what I have re-blogged. It seems to me internet censorship of liberal/progessive/socialist/free-thinking, even humanitarian sites are being suppressed. Of course, what you don’t see, you don’t know about. Many, many problems in this area. It urgently needs major focus by those who are trying to exercise freedom of thought, and exercise their democratic rights.

  18. Google is lying to women about abortion–and it needs to stop.

    All over the country, women who search for “abortion clinic near me” are shown ads for what appear to be abortion clinics but are actually so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs)–fake clinics run by right-wing extremists who lure women and then manipulate or harass them out of getting an abortion.1

    These fake clinics’ staff pose as medical professionals to tell women all sorts of medically disproven lies, like abortion causes suicide, infertility, or breast cancer. Really.

    Google agreed to take these ads down several years ago–and thanks to UltraViolet members and allies at NARAL, Yahoo soon followed. But Google either fell asleep on the job, or outright lied, because reports just uncovered more of these ads on Google nationwide.2

    Google is WRONG for helping CPCs trick women. But Google responds to public pressure. For the sake of the two million women each month who Google “abortion or “abortion clinic,” these ads need to be taken down. Can you sign the petition?

    Tell Google: “Keep your word. Take down ads that intentionally lie to women seeking information about abortion.”
    Sign the petition

    Imagine this: a woman seeking an abortion, or accurate information about abortion, clicks through one of these ads designed to trick women and makes an appointment. She may think she’ll see a real medical provider.

    She spends time and money to get to this clinic. She may have had to find child care, since six in ten women who have an abortion already have at least one child.3 But she won’t know what she’s gotten into until she gets to a CPC in person. Once there, she’ll likely face manipulation, misinformation, and shaming. CPCs are known to:

    Falsely promise a woman she will miscarry, therefore eliminating the need for an abortion. One CPC lured women in by offering a free ultrasound, told them “about one in four pregnancies ends naturally, in what is called a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion” (the actual number is half that), and promised to predict whether they were “a candidate for natural pregnancy termination.”4

    Counsel women into staying with abusive partners. In another case, a CPC counselor spoke with a young mother of two who was considering an abortion because her boyfriend was violent. The counselor argued for her to stay in the abusive relationship, telling her, “for all you know, the baby changes him.”5

    Tell women that abortion causes cancer, infertility, and psychological damage–all of which are blatant lies.6

    The problem is so widespread that states like California have begun to regulate lying CPCs. The Supreme Court is set to hear a case on that next month.7 But that case only applies to signs posted on the clinic building itself. When it comes to searching online, Google, as a trusted search provider, has a responsibility to its consumers. CPCs need to play by the same advertising rules as everyone else. A woman using the search terms “abortion clinic” likely is seeking abortion care, which CPCs deliberately dupe women into thinking they provide. Women deserve medically accurate information–NOT lies and deception.

    Will you sign to tell Google to stop tricking women about abortion?

    Thanks for speaking out!

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, and Ryan, the UltraViolet team


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