Google kicking out science, letting in Rightist creationist pseudo science??

This video is called Evolution vs. Creationism: Listen to the Scientists.

By “GrrlScientist” in the USA:

Google is a Gaggle of Semiliterate F*cksticks

Posted on: July 31, 2007 7:02 PM

Now, now, now, say you, why would I go off on Google in such an unseemly manner? Well, it’s really very simple.

Google no longer lists any scienceblog sites in their news feed, but they still list other blogs written by liars such as [US far Rightist] Stop the ACLU, WorldNet Daily and the [creationist] Discovery Institute. WTF?? I find this to be incredibly irresponsible and disingenuous for internet users everywhere. On one hand, if Google doesn’t want to index ANY blogs, that’s their business, but to selectively list LIAR BLOGS that peddle fact-free shit while delisting scienceblogs, which rely on news sources and scientific papers for their information, is just plain wrong. If you want to make a stink about this dumbass move on their part, please let them know!

Update August 2017: The Google site feedback link linked by GrrlScientist does not work any more.

The Counter-Creationism Handbook: here.

6 thoughts on “Google kicking out science, letting in Rightist creationist pseudo science??

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