Donald Trump’s war in Africa, war on Iran?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Decertifying Iran Deal, Trump Escalates His War

13 October 2017

President Trump’s de-certification of the Iran nuclear deal and targeting of the Revolutionary Guard is a dangerous escalation, says Reza Marashi of the National Iranian American Council.

Why is the US at war in West Africa? The October 4 killings of four US Green Berets in Niger has provided a rare glimpse into far-reaching American military operations which have been conducted almost entirely in secret: here.

US President Donald Trump vowed Friday that he will use his presidential powers to blow up the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran unless it is amended to Washington’s satisfaction: here.

Trump’s aggressive course of action against Iran has provoked a strong reaction in Berlin, where German politicians and media figures are openly discussing a break with the US: here.

Trump raises danger of war after move on Iran nuclear deal, Germany warns. ‘My big concern is that what is happening in Iran, or with Iran from the US perspective, will not remain an Iranian issue,’ says German foreign minister: here.

President Donald Trump’s declaration Friday that he stands ready to pull the plug on the Iran nuclear deal if it is not renegotiated to Washington’s liking has aggravated tensions between Washington and its ostensible European allies, and also been met with domestic criticism: here.

Trump, Iran and the US drive for world hegemony: here.

US threatens Iran after fall of ISIS “capital” of Raqqa: here.

Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program. Why do media keep saying it does? Here.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told CNN’s “State of the Union” that US diplomatic efforts to end the dangerous confrontation with North Korea would continue “until the first bomb drops.” Far from offering any reassurance of a peaceful solution, Tillerson’s remarks underscore the advanced state of US preparations for, in Trump’s words, the “total destruction” of North Korea, a country of 25 million people: here.

The resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, announced Saturday in Riyadh over Saudi state media, marks a further escalation of the US, Saudi and Israeli preparations for military confrontation with Iran: here.

31 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s war in Africa, war on Iran?

  1. Dear Friends and Activists,

    In our experience, the way things start is generally the way they
    continue. And when they start out bad, things usually get worse until
    they are stopped.

    As a businessman, Trump was notorious for his bad faith. He
    systematically stiffed contractors to unilaterally impose his losses
    on them. He declared bankruptcy five times. He defaulted on his
    loans. His whole attitude towards contracts has always been that they
    are meant to be reneged on at his whim and convenience.

    This is The Art Of The Renege.

    And now Trump has brought his deadbeat ways to the White House.

    We’ve heard nothing but double talk about the Iran nuclear deal and
    Trump’s threats to default on it. Nikki Haley was on every Sunday
    talk show saying this is basically just a renegotiation. She then
    defined Iran’s “compliance” in terms of what we want the deal
    renegotiated TO.

    Never mind that even our own defense department admits that Iran is
    in compliance with the deal as it is. Twice already Trump has
    certified that Iran was in compliance. Iran has done nothing new in
    the last 90 days to take it out of compliance.

    In plain non-pretzel English, Trump is threatening to back out of the
    deal entirely unless it is now changed to comply with his demands, a
    threat not just to Iran, but all of our allies who were parties to
    the deal, who have unanimously declared they will renegotiate

    Iran’s position was that they were entering into this deal to see if
    America would honor it. Trump’s deal-breaking tantrum only ensures
    there can be no further deal, let alone a renegotiation, let alone a
    deal with North Korea.

    These are just the most dangerous situations in terms of
    international security. But domestically we see the same pattern. He
    made a deal with Chuck and Nancy on DACA, itself negotiated under the
    duress of a threat to abolish the program, and then immediately
    reneged on it. We can talk more about Trump’s domestic defaults
    tomorrow, there are so many examples.

    But in the meantime, demonstrate your opposition to the deadbeat in
    chief, by requesting the new “Trump, YOU’RE Fired” cap. It features
    an embroidered representation of his faux bouffant hairline.

    Trump, YOU’re Fired, caps:

    Plus, we have every manner of other Trump resistance message gifts.

    Lock Him Up/Impeach Trump popcorn boxes:

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    You may forward this message to any friends who would find it


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