Grenfell Tower-like disaster in Scotland?

This video says about itself:

Not another Grenfell in Glasgow

8 August 2017

We can’t risk another tragic incident like the fire at Grenfell happening in Scotland. To date, no real fire testing has been conducted on any cladding in high rise flats in Scotland.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Glasgow: Tenants in the dark about cladding risk

Thursday 21st September 2017

Council silent on use of Grenfell-style material on some towers

FIRE services and residents of some private high-rise blocks in Glasgow have not been told that the buildings are covered in combustible cladding like that on the Grenfell Tower, it was revealed yesterday.

Council chiefs were aware of the issue but did not make the information public immediately, MSPs heard.

A search has revealed that flammable cladding — similar to the material believed to have fuelled the Grenfell fire, which killed around 80 people in west London in June — had been used on an undisclosed number of properties, said Glasgow City Council assistant head of planning and building standards Raymond Barlow.

The council has only recently notified Holyrood ministers about the matter but has told neither the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service nor the tenants and owners, he added.

“We’re simply saying we’re supplying the information to Scottish ministers and then we wish to see what they wish to do with the information before we take it further,” he told members of the Scottish Parliament’s local government and communities committee.

Committee convener and MSP Bob Doris asked him: “So, combustible cladding has been found in some private properties?”

The council official responded: “Yes, it’s just not public information yet.”

Mr Doris replied: “It’s now public information because you are telling us.”

Mr Barlow said it was a “national issue” and that was why he was making it known through the ministerial working group.

Mr Doris agreed that while it was a “national issue,” the council also bore a “a direct local responsibility” to flag up potential dangers to those potentially affected.

He voiced hope that reassurances to building owners and tenants “might be able to be given speedily” and warned that the committee might want to question council officers again on the matter.

The committee convener said afterwards: “It was deeply concerning to hear a Glasgow City Council official say that combustible cladding has been found in private high-rise homes.

“People who are currently living in private high rises and who listened to this today will, of course, be worried about their safety in their homes.

“We don’t want this to cause undue alarm, as these buildings may well be safe, but people who live in these homes deserve answers.

“That’s why we’ve asked Glasgow City Council and the Scottish government to urgently provide us with more information on the extent of this issue and we will put these concerns to the minister when he appears next week.”

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  1. Wirral Council and their ‘partner’ Magenta Living have failed to fire test the cladding on 16 high rise tower blocks in this region. The reasons given are the same as the Scottish government’s; “it meets regulations and there is no Grenfell-style cladding”. Despite funds being available from central government to carry out fire testing, they’ve chosen to be reckless and to risk their tenants’ lives.


  2. Thursday, 21 September 2017

    Grenfell – survivors and firefighters under attack

    ‘WE HAVE been appalled about the way in which the numbers of those who have died have been publicised all the way along,’ Yvette Williams, Campaign coordinator for the Justice for Grenfell group told News Line yesterday.

    She was responding to the claims by Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack on Tuesday that the number of people which the police believe died in the fire, which they said was around 80, may go down because some of those people who had originally been reported missing had been found safe and well and ‘some were fraudulent’. She went on to say that there are 60 who they know have died in the fire.

    Yvette Williams continued: ‘Everyone is very upset by that. After the police made that broadcast, we have clarified with them that the number of 60 is the number of people identified. In terms of the final death toll they know that the number will be higher.

    ‘What we do know is that at some point the coroner has to come to some conclusion about how many people have actually died. At some point, they will have to add all those who are missing to that number. We feel that all the way along there has been a tendency to play down the number of people who have died, to play down really how great a disaster this really is.

    ‘The way in which the number of how many have died has come out is different from other disasters. On the first day after the fire, they said three had died and that number kept rising day by day. In other disasters like 9/11 they started at a greater number and worked their way down.

    ‘We would like to know why in this case they started with the lowest number and worked their way up rather than the other way around and we believe it is because they are trying to play down what happened and that they hoped by now it would be out of the public eye.’

    Detective Chief Inspector Matt Bonner has announced that the Metropolitan Police are conducting a criminal investigation into the emergency response to the fire, after concerns were raised that the fire service had told some people to stay in their flats on the night of the fire.

    On this, Yvette Williams set the record straight with a robust defence of the fire fighters. She said: ‘I am a great supporter of the fire service and have overwhelming gratitude for all of the firefighters who risked their lives to help us.

    ‘In many ways the rank-and-file officers virtually gave their lives on that night. They were given orders from their higher officers who believed the “stay put” policy was effective. The “stay put” policy had been effective on other buildings in other fires. It would have been effective in Grenfell had the building been made safe and the proper fire and safety measures been in place. This is where the issue of deregulation comes in.

    ‘What I am interested in finding out, and I hope this comes out at the inquiry, is at what point did the senior fire officers during the night realise that the the “stay put” policy was not working and what action did they take at that point?’


  3. Friday 22nd September 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    SCOTTISH Labour condemned Glasgow City Council yesterday for making a “monumental error” when it failed to inform residents in 57 high-rise blocks that their homes were covered in combustible cladding.

    Questions were asked in Holyrood after the council confirmed on Wednesday that combustible cladding covered a number of privately owned blocks — but residents, owners and the fire service had not been informed.

    Labour housing spokeswoman and Glasgow MSP Pauline McNeill said that the council’s failure to tell residents before it was made public was a “monumental error and illustrates an unacceptable level of complacency.”

    Communities Secretary Angela Constance also hit out at the council — which has been run by the SNP since May — saying the information that had been given “left more questions than answers.”

    Raymond Barlow, assistant head of planning and building standards at Glasgow City Council, confirmed to a Holyrood committee on Wednesday that combustible cladding had been found, but said: “It’s just not public information yet.”


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