7 thoughts on “Naomi Klein on Grenfell Tower, Trump, Corbyn

  1. Tuesday 4th July 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    LABOUR MPs David Lammy and Catherine West wrote to Haringey Council yesterday in a last ditch bid to halt to controversial housing plans that have been branded a “social cleansing” project.

    The MPs for Tottenham and Hornsey & Wood Green, which together comprise the north London borough, wrote to Labour council leader Claire Kober expressing their concern over the £2 billion Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) ahead of a crucial vote last night.

    They said: “In light of the fire at Grenfell Tower we write with the utmost urgency to urge caution and call on the cabinet to pause and reflect on whether entering a public-private partnership is the correct decision for the borough and its residents.”

    The letter goes on to criticise the lack of oversight and scrutiny of the process so far and warned of the “serious and significant financial risks” to the council and its residents.

    Mr Lammy and Ms West advised the council that fire safety must be paramount to all decision-making and should mean “a heightened scrutiny of development proposals.”

    Councillors were expected to vote in favour of the plans that would see vast swathes of publicly owned property worth millions of pounds handed over to private developers Lendlease.

    Under the plans council estates will be demolished and replaced with new houses, however residents would have no automatic right to a new property and may be forced out of the area.

    A demonstration organised by Stop HDV — a coalition of housing campaigners, local residents and trade unions — marched to the Haringey Civic Centre to urge the council to abandon the plans.


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