G20 summit in Germany, big demonstration

This video shows the big demonstration today in Hamburg, Germany against the G20 summit there, organised by Greenpeace and others.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Protesters in Hamburg demand changes from G20

Today, 19:51

In Hamburg, thousands of people in a demonstration have demanded action by the world’s largest industrialized nations meeting on the 7th and 8th of July at the G20 summit in the north German city. At the first of the thirty announced demonstrations were people with signs with texts such as ‘Fight poverty‘, ‘Stop the coal mining‘ and ‘Planet Earth First‘.

According to the police there were 8000 protesters, but the organizers counted 25,000. …

Many speakers were angry at the demonstration ban at the G20 summit in Hamburg, proclaimed by Mayor Scholz of the SPD.

political party, junior partner in the German Merkel government

Other demonstrations on the eve of the summit have mottos such as ‘Welcome to hell‘ and ‘G20 not welcome‘. At the summit, the 19 largest economies and the European Union are present.

Including United States President Donald Trump.

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