USA: Bush helps destructive mountain top removal mining

This cartoon video is about mountaintop removal mining in the USA.

From the blog of US cartoonist Jen Sorensen:

According to this NY Times article, as of Friday the Bushies gave the green light to mountaintop removal mining, allowing mining companies to dump waste in streams, effectively obliterating them. This practice is destroying vast parts of Appalachia, all for a filthy source of energy we need less of if we hope to combat global warming. It is diabolically short-sighted.

I didn’t even have room in the cartoon to talk about the sludge.

Mining and the World Bank: here.

Bank of America will no longer finance mountaintop removal coal mining: here. Obama and mountaintop removal mining: here.

Why on earth has Verizon Wireless decided to sponsor a climate-denying, mountain-destroying, union-busting, PRO-MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL labor day rally being organized by Massey Energy, featuring noted right-wing nutjobs Ted Nugent and Sean Hannity? Here.

Free Mike Roselle From Jail: Free Appalachia From Mountaintop Removal: here.

18 thoughts on “USA: Bush helps destructive mountain top removal mining

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