German G20 summit police misbehave

This video says about itself:

Germany: Go hard or go home! Berlin police booted out of G20 after throwing huge party

27 June 2017

Hamburg police have sent home several hundred Berlin police officers due to misconduct during the preparations for the G20 summit, a Berlin police spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.

SOT, Thomas Neuendorf, Berlin police spokesperson (German): “The Hamburg police informed us that hundreds of forces did not behave properly there and therefore they sent them back to Berlin. In detail, the officials there are accused of peeing against the fence in their accommodation, having sexual intercourse in the open, and that there was a lot of noise and an excess consumption of alcohol. We are yet to verify all of this, and we will naturally listen to the officials, and if all is confirmed, there will be naturally further investigations and depending on the circumstances disciplinary actions.”

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Hamburg sends away misbehaving Berlin police

Today, 18:12

A group of over 220 Berlin police officers deployed for the G20 summit in Hamburg has been sent back to Berlin for misconduct before the start of the summit. … They arrived on Sunday and were sent back already yesterday.

They celebrated an exuberant party, being “indecent and unacceptable” according to the Hamburg police. Some urinated jointly and publicly against fences and a policewoman is said to have danced on a table only dressed in a bathrobe with a weapon in her hand. According to German media, there was also “public sexual intercourse”.

A spokesman for the Berlin police calls the behaviour of his colleagues “painful”.

The Berlin police also beat up colleagues from Wuppertal.

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