Palm warblers in Florida, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

3 November 2016

A Western Palm Warbler wintering in the Florida Backyard. There are two species of Palm Warbler and both spend winter in Florida – a “western” subspecies which is the duller, but still beautiful bird seen here and an “eastern” (or “yellow”) subspecies which is a much more striking bird. It can be seen in the video below taken in a nearby mangrove swamp.

The “western” refers to the summer breeding range of this warbler which migrates to the southeast in great numbers, while the “eastern” Palm Warbler with summer breeding grounds in the Northeast migrates more to the west – So many more western birds end up in Florida than eastern birds during the winter – now you know!

This video from the USA says about itself:

Eastern Palm Warbler

2 April 2016

Palm Warbler on its winter grounds in Florida soon to be heading far north to breed. A bright, distinguished and energetic Warbler it is most noteworthy for its chestnut cap, yellow highlights and constant wagging of its tail. This is a very difficult bird to film while foraging in heavy brush – most of this video is in slow motion!

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